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Seeking Top 21st Century Teaching

The second annual Follett Challenge encourages educators to align their curriculum to teach 21st century learning skills—and is offering double the prize money as last year to those who do. Educators from all departments in schools can enter to demonstrate how their programs develop critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration between students and among educators in a 21st century setting, no matter the resources available.

“There’s a lot of change happening in the education marketplace, and many challenges with the economy,” says Tom Schenck, the president of Follett. “We want to reward educators with innovative ideas, who rise to the occasion through all the chaos using technology and new learning techniques.”

The Follett Challenge is open to all public and private K12 schools in the United States and Canada, as well as to international schools that meet the criteria for participation. To enter, schools can submit a three- to five-minute video along with an overview of the program and its impact on student advancement.

This year’s total prize value has increased to $200,000, and six winners will again be selected. The two grand prize winners will each receive $60,000 in products and services from Follett, and the remaining prizes will run in value from $35,000 to $5,000.

Follett is the largest provider of education materials and technology solutions to pre-K12 libraries, classrooms, learning centers and school districts in the United States. The Follett Challenge was founded in 2011 as a program to encourage educators to be their own best advocates, and reward excellent teachers.

Schools can enter the Follett Challenge at The deadline is Jan. 4 and winners will be announced April 3, with celebrations to be scheduled the following month at the two grand prize-winning schools.