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A simple solution for safer schools

AMX SchoolView provides better security monitoring and faster response in emergencies

Safety and security are top priorities for school districts, because safe and secure campuses are better learning environments. With school administrators facing increased pressure from parents, students and regulators to secure their campuses, many institutions have implemented standardized school lockdown procedures that include teacher, student and staff training and emergency drills.

In a recent survey, subscribers of District Administration said they spent a collective $1.17 billion on security products and systems for the 2009-2010 school year, and they expect to spend an average $183,000 per district in the current year.

"The issue of school security is of increasing concern in the K-12 market," according to Martin Akel & Associates, a market research company that has studied the K-12 sector.

"The AMX SchoolView solution allows our district to provide the same quality educational experience to all our students, including those in portable or remote buildings, while saving us real time and money with every new project."

Todd Church, Telecommunication Department Manager, Round Rock ISD, Texas

School districts have come a long way when it comes to emergency preparedness and security, but the latest technology offers a lot more protection for students when delivered as part of an integrated solution.

Take AMX SchoolView, a hardware and software package that upgrades a school's existing data network. It offers several components to improve safety, from simple, centralized control of security cameras to mass alert notifications.

AMX SchoolView can help districts stretch their dollars, and it meets many requirements for discretionary grants under the U.S. Department of Education's Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) program. Under REMS, districts are supposed to improve four aspects of emergency management: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

Here's how AMX SchoolView can help:

  • Simple, centralized control—School administrators can direct all their systems, such as public address, security cameras and zoned bells, from a single, intuitive touch panel.
  • Better monitoring—The security camera feature allows school officials to access and control their existing video units. Potential threats can be identified quickly and a response triggered immediately through the touch panel. For instance, if hardware is removed from a location, an alarm can be sounded and an email alert sent to a designated administrator to prevent theft.
  • Effective emergency notifications—If an emergency arises—from a natural disaster, fire or security situation—AMX SchoolView gives school administrators plenty of options for getting the word out. A command on the touch panel can instantly send an alert notification to all video displays. Through digital signage, officials can key in or retrieve specific instructions for teachers and students to display on the video devices and digital clocks. Administrators can also deliver a live public address feed to specific classrooms, if necessary. And the system can trigger alarms or custom mp3 tones. When the danger is over, the system can send out a universal "All clear" to all devices, including the digital clocks.
  • Mobile accessibility ? While away from their office and in the halls of their school, administrators can control the AMX SchoolView security features through an iPad or iTouch. While off site, administrators can also utilize the web client or their cell phone to send and receive notices.
  • Communicate to all your classrooms—Unlike many traditional notification systems, AMX SchoolView can deliver alerts and messages to portable classrooms, so everybody is kept in the loop. "The AMX SchoolView solution allows our district to provide the same quality educational experience to all our students, including those in portable or remote buildings, while saving us real time and money with every new project," said Todd Church, telecommunication department manager for Round Rock Independent School District in Round Rock, Texas.
  • Take Action - Safety is only one of AMX SchoolView's selling points. It can deliver more effective classroom presentations, lower maintenance costs and lead to greater energy savings. Plus, it's scalable and can incorporate new technologies on the fly.

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