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Striking in Detroit

Detroit public school teachers march in front of Spain Elementary School in Detroit. In mid-September, teachers voted to end their more than two-week strike. The district initially sought a 5.5 percent pay cut over two years to help balance the district's $1.36 billion budget. The union sought a raise after years without one. In the end, they agreed on a one-year pay freeze, followed by increases of 1 percent the second and 2.5 percent the third. Veteran teachers also will start paying 10 percent of their health insurance costs, something that only those hired since 1992 did formerly.


This month, Rockstar Games, the maker of the video game series Grand Theft Auto, launched Bully, a game with themes of school fighting.

The game's 15-year-old main character must defend himself against school bullies at a fictional boarding school, while dealing with characters ranging from nerds and jocks to authoritarian prefects.

In March, Florida's Miami-Dade County School Board called on retailers not to sell the game to minors and required the school district to warn parents about the potentially harmful effects of playing violent video games.

NOLA: First Day Back

U.S. Navy Musician 1st Class Jonathan Martin plays Reveille as students walk into Fischer Elementary School for the first day of school in New Orleans. During the first week of August, education officials opened eight public schools, giving more than 4,000 students an early start on the school year and advancing a reform movement that blossomed after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city almost a year ago.