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Amplify Tablet
Made specifically for K12 education, the Amplify Tablet stores all class content, assignments, and activities, and comes with pre-loaded education-specific search tools, and applications for students. Teachers can plan lessons, prepare quizzes, send assignments, and share multimedia resources. And districts can manage thousands of tablets remotely and securely, as well as track, lock, and digitally wipe the devices with the push of a button.

Social Net Watcher
This software application is designed to prevent tragedies and crime at school, by analyzing phrases students view on their Facebook accounts to determine if a violent act, suicide, or bullying threat exists. Once identified, SoNet forwards the information to school officials through text messaging, who then determine if action must be taken. The software doesn’t read news, scan pictures, or focus on messages related to sex, drugs, or alcohol. SoNet must get permission from the student and their guardian to allow Social Net Watcher to monitor their Facebook posts or messages.

C7 Chromebook
Along with running Google Drive and educational apps on or offline, the C7 Chromebook from Acer weighs three pounds and boots up in seconds. Its 11.6-inch HD screen can display HD monitors, projectors, and TVs. The C7 can connect with up to three USB devices. Teachers and students can also access files and create and edit Google Docs and use Gmail offline. Administrators can set up and manage users, apps, and policies across all devices in a district.

Made for the iPad, the iReadWrite app is helpful for struggling readers and writers of all ages, especially those with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Support features include text-to-speech with dual color highlighting, word prediction, phonetic spell checker, dictionary, and picture dictionary. Users can import and export reading text, as well as share them via email, Facebook, or Twitter. The app runs directly on the iPad with no need for Wi-Fi or 3G access.

Thin Clients
Both of ViewSonic’s new thin clients have a small 0.6L design and can include a mounting bracket to attach it to a monitor. They feature flexible dual digital output support for 1080p multi-monitor usage and ViewSonic provides a Kensington lock for security. The SC-T35 is a Linux-based thin client featuring a Texas Instruments ARM CPU and ARM Linux operating system. The Windows-based SC-T45 Thin Client features an Intel Atom N2800 for PC-like performance, making it well suited for intensive 2D/3D graphics-based applications.

McGraw-Hill Education
SRA FLEX Literacy
This new comprehensive reading and language arts intervention system was built for at-risk students in grades 3-8 to learn the critical reading and writing skills required to meet Common Core State Standards. The program allows teachers to measure students’ progress through the use of the Lexile measurement system. It combines three different learning experiences: the Digital Experience, the Print Experience, and the Project Experience, to engage students through high-interest, collaborative and interactive tools, and rich text selections.