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School Fuel
Mobile Learning Platform
Designed with BYOD in mind, School Fuel provides customized app and resource libraries aligned to Common Core standards. It helps determine what educational apps are the best fit for students by allowing educators to search based on subject areas, grade levels, and standards. Students have access to selected apps on many devices, including phones and tablets. School Fuel can also be integrated into Google Apps for Education.

Kids’ Vocab
This mobile app, designed to support Common Core standards, is a comprehensive vocabulary tool that teaches definitions, spelling, pronunciation, contextual usage, and parts of speech. Designed especially for students ages 7 to 12, Kids’ Vocab offers fun and challenging gameplay that can supplement classwork. Each app comes with nine mini-games that cover 25 lessons and about 350 words. As students play, they encounter usage guidelines, example sentences, and fun factoids about homophones, word parts, etymology, and figurative language.

PowerVIEW HD-30 Cameras
This camera has a 30x optical power zoom, capable of capturing detailed video images regardless of room size and improves color and brightness uniformity for high-definition image quality. Its auto-focus zoom lens provides up to a 66-degree field-of-view for a wide range of telephoto or wide-angle shot options, perfect for lecture capture.

Classroom Products, LLC
Tablet Carrel
Made for student privacy and hardware protection, the Tablet Carrel is a 30-degree angled, corrugated cardboard stand that creates a tablet workspace for students. It’s small enough to put on a student desk, but large enough for all brands of tablets. The Tablet Carrel holds the tablet in place, discouraging students from picking up the carrel, holding it and possibly dropping the unit. Its angled platform also promotes better posture when viewing a tablet.

Hatch Early Learning
iStartSmart Mobile
Designed for early learners, the iStartSmart Mobile tablet has built-in progress monitoring reports that show how individual children, classrooms, and districts are performing. Its software allows children to progress through learning paths that are created to develop specific skills and to meet school readiness goals. Teachers can refocus activities so that students can spend more time developing a particular skill if necessary.

MOTIV Soft Seating Stools
As one of the latest additions to Bretford’s EDU 2.0 line of furniture for education, this stool for classrooms has a structurally sound frame that is constructed with 14-gauge flat oval steel tubing. The MOTIV Soft Seating Stools are stackable and are available with casters or glides for mobility. A thick foam cushion covers the stool seat and is available in fabric or leather.

Schneider Electric
Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)
This service enables schools to integrate video surveillance to a cloud-based service model, ensuring system reliability and eliminating downtime. Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) also provides users with real-time event notification, video alarm verification, remote employee monitoring, and offsite video storage. Authorized employees can access video at a moment’s notice from anywhere via a standard internet browser or compatible Android, Apple, and BlackBerry devices.