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Sielox LLC
Sielox Class Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System
This emergency system specially designed for schools uses maps, emails, and text messages to provide real-time classroom updates to administrators and first responders. Educators can use networked devices or push buttons to send out color-coded alerts indicating different emergencies, such as medical problems or missing students. Law enforcement and first responders can view floor plan and receive updates on their mobile phones, tablets, or patrol car laptops.

Toughbook H2
Along with a faster processor and expanded storage, this tablet PC can survive a six-foot drop. The toughbook H2 runs the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system and includes optional integrated technology, such as barcode, fingerprint, and insertable or contactless SmartCard/RFID readers. It comes standard with USB 3.0, serial, and Ethernet ports. Its 10.1-inch touchscreen can be viewed in bright sunlight and pitch darkness.

Smith System
Lift Desk
Designed to increase circulation to lower the risk of disease caused by sitting for long hours, this special desk’s adjustable tabletop lets students and teachers stand or sit. The height is adjusted by a crank that folds out of the way when it’s not needed. Lift Desk has a range of 15 inches, accommodating various heights and classroom activities, such as group collaborations, science experiments, and individual writing.

Round Visitor Badges
Made of durable, lightweight, cardstock sheets that can be laser or inkjet printed, these new badges have slots punched at the top of each tag for attaching a clip. The badges can be written on or printed using Microsoft Word templates. They also can self-expire by changing color the following day. With Badgetec’s contour clip, these badges won’t damage clothing, and visitors can attach them to their pocket, collar, or lapel.

TW610STi+ Projector
This projector is 3D-ready and delivers 3,200 lumens of brightness. Its WXGA resolution creates an 84-inch diagonal image from as close as 3 feet, and its new battery design includes a micro-USB charging cable. The projector has several connections, including an HDMI v1.3, microphone-in, mini-USB for interactive pen output, mini-USB for display, and USB for wireless dongle.