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Special Focus: New Curriculum Products

The latest math,science, social studies, reading/language arts and cross curricular offerings

The JASON Foundation for Education

JASON XV: Rainforests at the Crossroads, Internet, $249

This expedition-based curriculum focuses on Panama's tropical rainforest ecosystems, its geological and human history and its regional culture. Students become part of an expedition team of leading scientists and students from around the world.

Topics include life science, earth science, space, physical science, geography, social studies, language arts, literature, culture and technology. The curriculum includes an instructional program; a teacher's guide; videotapes with closed captions; a Web site featuring live chats with research scientists in the field, interactive simulation programs, student and teacher resources and assessment tools; and a live, interactive broadcast. Designed for grades 4-9, the curriculum is aligned to national standards for science, mathematics, geography, technology and language arts and correlates with each state's standards for science.

A Spanish Language version of the JASON XV curriculum and a JASON Aquatic Field Study Kit, which includes all equipment needed to conduct field studies for 30 students, are also available.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

World Languages DVD Tutor: Spanish Level I and II, French Level I and II, Software, $99 each

This DVD and CD-ROM set is designed to supplement the corresponding Holt World Language textbook. The interactive CD-ROM allows students to explore each location visited in their textbook, practice the grammar and vocabulary they are learning, interact with native speakers and practice their pronunciation. All content is level-specific and contains advanced games and activities to complement the textbook.

Tool Factory

SuperSpell Grammar Series (1 and 2), Software, $79.95 each (multi-pack and site license pricing available)

Grammar 1 covers a variety of topics for elementary, middle school and ESL students, including nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs. Students read sentences and fill in missing blanks by clicking and dragging; they accumulate points for each correct answer. In Grammar 2, students practice working with parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure and grammar usage.


Algebra 1, Software, $1,000-$3,750 (based on number of users)

Algebra 1 features hands-on interactive lessons, graphing tools and practice and enrichment activities for use with the MathRealm Management System. The network-based system allows educators to customize multimedia instruction, correlate curriculum to state standards, create lesson plans with pre-built syllabi, monitor student performance and generate student performance reports.


Look, Listen,and Speak, Books, $29.99 each

This five-book series for grades 1-3 is designed to foster language development for students at varying stages of English acquisition. Students are introduced to new vocabulary in thematic units through interactive multimedia scenes. Each book includes an interactive CD-ROM, a full-color print poster and 48 four-color picture cards for games and language development activities, as well as an 80-page reproducible book that models strategies for introducing concepts and vocabulary.


Acting Out: Reader's Theatre Across the Curriculum, Book, $36.95

Created for students in grades 5-10, Acting Out is designed to boost interest in reading by allowing children to actively participate in literature through the Reader's Theatre process. The 100-page book contains 66 short plays organized across several curriculum areas. Each play includes an introduction, character descriptions, vocabulary words and suggested follow-ups. Ideas for writing are also included. scripts


ImagiProbe eX, Software, $349

Targeted for use in advanced disciplines, such as physics and chemistry, this software enables students to conduct real-time scientific investigations and to collect data at up to 20,000 samples per second. The sensor interface allows connections to up to eight sensors at one time and supports linear and non-linear analog sensors and sensor auto-identification.

Facts on File

Junior Timelines on File, Updated Edition, Book, $185

This three-ring binder is filled with loose-leaf pages of maps, diagrams, experiments, charts, timelines and visual illustrations of more than 250 timelines from prehistory to the present. Each timeline stands alone and provides a snapshot of a significant period of time. The timelines are organized by topic, including by country, different time periods and human thought and achievement within various fields.

LeapFrog Schoolhouse

The Literacy Center, Program, $1,695-$1,995 and up

Two new editions of The Literacy Center's multisensory program integrate lesson-for-lesson with the kindergarten and Grade 1 Houghton Mifflin's reading curriculum. They include grade-specific teaching cards and black line masters. The teaching cards link to the basal program's skill scope and sequence and provide multisensory activities that reinforce the skills the teacher is focusing on in whole-class instruction.

Teaching for Thinking

World History: A Comparative Civilizations Perspective, Software, $149 for single copy; 30 for $3,000

This nine-hour history program is presented through personally told narratives. It shows each historical era from Paleolithic times to the 21st century. Included in each chapter are mini-cases that allow students to examine the "big ideas" in history through a case study approach. Supplemental resources accompany each chapter, including follow-up activities and timelines.


Tell me More

Software, $2,000 for 25 licenses

This foreign language learning software is available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, ESL, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. The program features comprehensive courses on fundamental skills such as reading and writing, speaking and listening, and grammar and vocabulary. Other features include speech recognition technology and 3D phonetic animations of individual phonemes in each language. The software is available three packs: Pack 1 is for beginners and two levels of intermediate; Pack 2 is two levels of advanced; and Pack 3 features three levels of business language.


Take it to the Computer, Software, $299 each grade per 10 users; $499 each grade per 30 users

With this K-3 software program, students learn to use basic computer tools while practicing language arts and math skills. The program comes with computer activities and print support materials that are correlated to state standards and National Educational Technology Standards. The CD-ROM includes such features as paint and draw, templates and stamps with letters, numbers and pictures.

Curriculum Associates

Extensions in Mathematics Series,

Books, $5.95 each

Designed for grades 1-8, this eight-book series extends the 12 key math strategies taught in the CMS-STAMS series. Each lesson includes teacher-guided instruction, scaffolded practice and independent applications and extensions that cover math writing, graphic organizers, numbers-in-context reading selections, computational fluency, challenge problems and class projects. Multiple-choice and open-ended questions match the format of standards-based math tests.

Facts on File

Curriculum Resource Center, Internet, $830 (costs may vary based on enrollment)

This database of teacher handout material (formerly called Curriculum Resource Center: Grades 6-12) has been updated with a new organizational structure. All content is now accessible by subject (history, mathematics, geography), rather than by type of resource. The new home page features an index of the entire contents of the database, allowing users to click directly into a specific area of interest.


Inicio a la Lectura, Software, $300-$500 per license

This software program is designed to help Spanish-speaking students learn to read in their native language. Students can work independently by listening to verbal computer instructions and clicking on images they hear. Achievement reports for students illustrate progress, and detailed individual and class reports for teachers and administrators facilitate close monitoring of student responses.

Also new from Lexia is an updated version of Reading S.O.S. (Strategies for Older Students), which now provides reading skills development for Spanish-speaking students to learn to read English. Early Reading Version 2.0, a software-based program designed for ages 4-6, has also been expanded, to provide exposure to phonological principles and the alphabet.

Sunburst Technology

Toy Store, Software, $89.95 for 10 licenses

Students in grades 2-6 create a toy store business in a four-part series of activities. First they survey classmates about their favorite types of toys, interpret the results, and create and study bar graphs of the data. Then they make marketing decisions based on the data, they go to the factory and build their toys, and finally analyze the results of purchases and how much profit they made.

Academic Innovations

Career Strategies: How to Get and Keep a Job

www.academic, Book, $64.80

This textbook follows two high school students who are on a quest to discover the secrets of success in the workplace. With the guidance of a teacher and three mentors from the business world, the main characters find job skills and traits and uncover unwritten workplace rules. The textbook is designed to complement Workforce Investment Act legislative requirements.

MPI Home Video

First Steps on Mars, Video, $14.98

Based on research by NASA, this documentary is a true-to-life scenario of what a manned trip to Mars will really be like. It analyzes the dangers and difficulties the first crew on Mars might experience, as well as their duties on the Red Planet. The film features 3D animation of Mars spacecraft landings and computer simulations that show the technologies and methods needed for a manned mission.

Academic Systems

Interactive Mathematics and Interactive English, Software, $500 each and up

Interactive Mathematics is a self-paced algebra program that allows teachers to cater instruction to the different levels and abilities of students. Designed for middle and high

school educators looking to supplement traditional instructional models for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II, the multimedia curriculum includes 28 topics, 81 lessons and nearly 300 hours of instruction. Built-in accountability features enable teachers to monitor student progress.

Interactive English is a process-oriented writing program that prepares students for college-level composition. The curriculum includes writing lessons, readings and grammar exercises.

The program addresses varied learning styles and provides a writing coach and student writing samples. Both students and instructors can track their progress with an online reporting system.

Sibelius USA

Sibelius Starclass, Software, $89

Designed for educators teaching music to elementary and middle school students, Starclass has 180 ready-to-use lesson plans, as well as hundreds of music clips, printable pictures and a 99-track audio CD. Full explanations of musical concepts for non-specialist teachers are included. Also new from Sibelius is Instruments ($119), an interactive music encyclopedia.