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Special Focus: Presentation Products


Advanced Media Design

MediaPOINTE SystemOne, Hardware, $59,990

This interactive communication and presentation system may be useful to administrators and educators. The system features the MediaPOINTE operating platform and on-screen graphical user interface. Set upon a pedestal design, it features a 50" or 61" plasma display with 16:9 aspect ratio. The system also includes dual video streams, XGA resolution to the far end and multipoint capabilities, as well as electronic whiteboards and A/V sources.


DPS1, DPS2, DPS3, Hardware, $2,499-$3,499

Schools planning to install data/video projectors can now access these updated models added to the Dukane Projection System, which provides the components needed for the installation of a data/video projector in a suspended ceiling.

The DPS1 is the basic configuration that features a LCD projector, DVD-VCR combination, video (document) camera, stereo speakers, ceiling mount unit, as well as cables, connectors, and other accessories to complete installation.

In addition to the features of the basic configuration model, the DPS2 features a sound system that contains a separate amplifier and a ceiling mounted speaker array. The system, which is a complete permanent sound source for the room, can be combined with an optional microphone to provide voice augmentation for the speaker.

The DPS3 system has the features of the basic configuration model and DPS2, as well as an XGA projector resolution and an XGA resolution tabletop camera. An audio system with the amp and ceiling speaker array is also provided.


PB2220, Hardware, $2,995

This digital projector features a 2,000:1 contrast ratio at 1,700 ANSI lumens and 85 percent uniformity. It is just over 2", weighs 3.8 lbs., and it can support 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios with XGA resolution. Also available is the PB2120 digital projector, which is an SVGA version of the PB2220 ($2,195). It features a 2000:1 contrast ratio at 1,200 ASNI lumens. Both are HDTV compatible with direct YpbPr/component, S-Video and composite video inputs.

SMART Technologies

SMART Board 8.0, Software, Free download to customers/ships with all SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Sympodium interactive lecterns

Educators using both Macintosh- and Windows-based computers can now use the latest version of this interactive whiteboard software. Notebook software, included in the 8.0 suite, features a new XML-based, cross-platform file format, so that files created on one operating system can be accessed on another. The updated version offers cross-platform compatibility for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux operating systems. The software also includes the Gallery, a new image management system that groups templates with associated images.


LC-X4A, Hardware, $16,995

This three-panel LCD projector offers 5,200 ANSI Lumens brightness for screens up to 40 feet wide. The projector includes modular inputs, for rapid reconfiguration, and features a powered lens shift that minimizes the need to tilt the projector. The projector also offers standard wireless/wired remote control and local and RS-232 control.

Also available is the LC-X5 projector ($19,995), which offers 6,500 ANSI Lumens brightness.


LV-7555, Hardware, $7,999

Designed for large venues such as auditoriums, this multimedia projector features 4,600 ANSI lumens brightness, a 900:1 contrast ratio, and an Integrated Circuit. Features of the IC include color management that lets users identify specific color for adjustment, a 2-3 pull down option that minimizes motion artifacts on DVDs that were transferred from film, auto picture control, intelligent image sharpness, and the ability to convert all interlaced signals, including 1080i HDTV, to progressive scan.

VBrick Systems

VBXcast, Hardware, $4,995

This portable MPEG-4 video appliance lets users plug in and broadcast video across networks. It connects to standard video devices such as a video camera, DVD player or VCR, and it compresses the video and audio into an MPEG-4 format and delivers the stream over any network to PCs or set-top-boxes. IT delivers Unicast and Multicast streams, and its integral Web server lets users configure video bit rates from 8 Kbps to 2 Mbps.


Walk-and-Talk Presentation Series, Hardware, $1,899-$2,699

This electronic whiteboard features a remote control that lets educators roam away from the board while presenting, eliminating the need for icon strips down the side of the board or special pen trays. The system's plug-and-play feature allows presenters to begin using the board without pre-loading special software. The system is available as a standard edition for users that primarily use the board for presentations, and as a writing edition for presenters that write extensively on the board.


InfonetTV 2.0, Software, $5,495

Schools can use the latest version of this integrated information delivery system to communicate their messages via cable channels, closed-circuit television, the Internet or an intranet. The system allows users to create, maintain and deliver multi-zone channels. Updates include a simplified, embedded CorelDraw interface for more easily created basic templates, automatic page creations from data files and graphics, flexible scheduling tools, optional support for hosting of up to 25 Web sites and/or remote content submission to 25 channels in multi-point networks.


TLP-S30U, Hardware, $1,199

This LCD projector features 1,400 ANSI lumens, 400:1 contrast ratio, SVG resolution and automatic keystone correction. The five lb. projector is compatible with Toshiba's notebooks and Pocket PCs, and it features integrated data, video and audio capabilities. In addition, it features a one-watt speaker and runs at 35dBA. Also available is the TLP-T50MU ($1,199).


StarBoard F-75 Whiteboard, Hardware, $1,699 and up

Teachers can run computer applications and add freehand annotations to displayed graphics using this 75" interactive communication system. The system, used with its associated software, features a combination of ultrasound and infrared technology to sense the location of pen-type devices hovering near the surface, which is not active. The system is available with built-in wireless technology or serial interfaces for wired connections. Also available is the 60" StarBoard F-60 whiteboard (from $1,399), which offers the same features as the F-75.

Sonic Foundry

Mediasite LiveRL Capture Station, Hardware, $21,950

This system was developed as part of Mediasite 3.0, an updated Web presentation system. Designed as a rack-mount or cart-based system, it lets users integrate content in real time from a variety of media sources for live and on-demand applications. Media sources include analog audio and composite video, IEEE1394/DV video and audio, and high-resolution component sources. Users can also capture, encode, synchronize and index material from a variety of presentation sources and manage large-scale deployments. Also available is the Mediasite LiveML Capture Station ($24,950), a fully portable Web presentation system.


PJ250, Hardware, $2,499

This palm-sized, 2.2 lb. projector features a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,000 lumens. In addition, it features XGA resolution, digital keystone correction, picture-in-picture and enhanced video inputs for component and S-video. The projector can be used with video, TV and HDTV signals, including 480i, 480p, up to 1080i, and it is compatible with desktop and laptop PCs for the Internet and digital photography.


SDP-6500DXA, Hardware, $4,750

Samsung's updated SDP-6500DXA digital document camera features 1.5 million pixel resolution through its 1/3-inch Progressive Scan CCD and is compatible with PC and Macintosh computers. The camera features native SXGA (1,280 x 1024) resolution, redesigned light arms for larger subjects and internal memory that can store up to eight images for instant recall. Standard features include 36x (12x optical plus 3x digital) powered autofocus zoom lens, 360-degree Digital Image rotation (in 90-degree increments), built-in annotation and backlight, plus multiple VGA inputs/outputs, DVI, USB2.0 and RS-232C interfaces.


TH-42PHD6UY HD, Hardware, $6,995

This 42" high definition plasma display panel features a five-facet, grid-cell structure panel that improves the light-emitting balance of primary image-creating colors. It also features a contour-emphasis signal processing technology, a super real gamma system, a new real black drive system, a deep black filter and a contrast automatic tracking system. In addition, the panel features 1,366 x 768 HD resolution, as well as computer and video signal compatibility with support for VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA and UXGA resolution computer graphics and DTV/HDTV signals. Also available is the TH-42WPD6UY ($4,995), a 42" standard definition plasma display with many of the same features as the TH-42PHD6UY HD.


StarTablet T-18SX, Hardware, $2,995

This 18" TFT interactive communication system features SXGA quality graphics. Used with its associate software, it lets presenters run and annotate computer applications while simultaneously displaying images on rear projection or plasma displays, or on traditional screens using LCD projectors. Data can be saved in a variety of file formats, including html files. The system is also suitable for interactive data communications and presentations via Web-based applications, such as videoconferencing and remote training.


DT20, Hardware, $6,195

This integrated five-in-one projector projects data from computer sources, video, documents, transparencies and 3-D objects from one integrated source. The 16 lb. projector features a 2,800 lumens and allows for projection of non-native resolution sources up to UXGA. The projector's overhead projection features a two-million pixel, single-plate color CCD camera for high-resolution and realistic color production. In addition, it features one-touch set up and operation.


DP8200x, Hardware, $4,799

This 13 lb. projector features a 3,000 lumens and three bayonet user-replaceable lenses, and it projects images from multiple sources such as PDAs, computers and DVD players. The projector also features networking software, as well as an installation projection solution that supports its wireless technology, LiteShow.


CT-L2000, Hardware, $1,295

This 20" LCD monitor/receiver features 4:3 aspect ratio, SVGA resolution, 400:1 contrast ratio, 160-degree viewing range and a brightness of 450cd/m. It weighs 15.9 lbs., and it features Panasonic-exclusive LCD AI technology to boost brightness, as well as a 16-msec. high-speed picture.


BenQ Q150, Hardware, $995

This 15-inch, HDTV compatible LCD TV features a built-in TV tuner, 3-D dynamic edge filtering system, built-in subwoofer and an optional wireless kit ($199). The TV can be used as a computer monitor or with a DVD player. In addition, it has a 4:3 aspect ratio and a contrast ratio of 500:1.


GT-6000R, Hardware, $22,995

This projector for rear screen applications features a lamp life of up to 9000 hours, and 2000 ANSI lumens with both lamps or 1000 ANSI lumens with one lamp. It projects 4:3 data on a 16:9 screen display with non-linear image management, and it can be managed over a wired network.