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Student Information + Content + Assessment = Success

With reams of student data available, educators are increasingly focused on tapping the potential of that data to accelerate their students’ achievement.

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) has led to a substantial increase in student achievement data. The potential to do more to harness the power of the data to inform instruction and to make schools and districts more efficient lies within the capabilities of student information systems (SIS).

Student information systems are increasingly playing a critical role in today’s schools, not only in providing the information needed for federal compliance, but also in providing teachers, parents and administrators with a wealth of data to help inform instruction and guide students through the learning process. Student information systems are central to Pearson’s goal of helping schools raise student achievement through personalized learning.

The Roadmap

In the recent coverage of Education Week’s annual report on education technology, Caroline Hendrie, project editor for their Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, stated, "Many places are missing out on what a good data system can do. Good data collection can produce reliable dropout rates; it can provide data on which policies work and which policies do not. [It can be used to determine] which teachers are doing the best job, so those teachers can share best practices." A good data system provides a "roadmap" for what teachers and their students should be doing in class, she concluded.

The increasing importance of student information systems provided the momentum for Pearson School Companies’ major acquisitions in the SIS market. Currently supporting more than 25 million students, Pearson School Systems K-12 product lineup now includes two Web-based, scalable, enterprise class student information systems. PowerSchool Premier is our lead product where ease of use, embedded functionality and lower administrative costs are required. Chancery SMS? is the solution in complex environments where sophisticated services and customization are more important. Together with our existing SIS products, these Web-based solutions provide the Company with the unparalleled opportunity to rapidly enhance SIS development. Whether on SASI, CIMS, Centerpoint, Win School?, Mac School?, Chancery SMS? or PowerSchool, our goal is to fully support and service the student information needs of all our customers.

Of equal significance is Pearson’s ability to link student data to enhance learning by bringing student information and learning management together in one place. As the largest education company in the world, Pearson has set as its mission to improve student performance and to help schools and teachers with this goal. With student information capabilities aligned, we can bring more information and content to bear on student performance than ever before.

An Integrated Learning Management System

When you consider the range of Pearson capabilities, you will see a powerful set of tools for administrators, teachers, students and parents, seamlessly integrated into a personalized set of services. Our content and curriculum resources are enlightened by the intelligent analysis of student performance delivered by our student information systems. At Pearson, we are working on a truly integrated learning management system that will fulfill the goals of helping every student make progress and ensuring successful outcomes for every teacher.

Pearson’s SuccessNet is the learning platform on which we will deliver this content, offering e-basals from Pearson Prentice Hall and Pearson Scott Foresman, supplemental materials from Pearson Learning Group and Pearson AGS Globe, and digital programs like SuccessMaker?, NovaNET? and KnowledgeBox? from Pearson Digital Learning. We’ll also be able to deliver formative tests and other assessments from Pearson Assessments and Testing, and we can offer customized solutions for school improvement, including comprehensive teacher professional development aligned with assessment and instructional programs from Pearson Achievement Solutions.

Student information is central to Pearson’s goal of helping schools raise student achievement through personalized learning. These acquisitions transform our student information systems business, enabling us to offer the pre-eminent software solutions for all levels of schools and districts. Pearson School Systems, PowerSchool, and Chancery SMS? have a long and successful history of investment and innovation, and together we will continue to develop new services to help schools achieve their goals. We welcome your input and look forward to working together. For more information about our products and services, go to

Mary E. McCaffrey, formerly president of PowerSchool, is the new president of Pearson School Systems. She will continue to operate these businesses from their locations in Mesa, Arizona, Folsom, California and Burnaby, British Columbia. For customers of any three of these organizations, it should be business as usual as we begin the careful integration into the Pearson family of companies.