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Take your computer model for a test drive before you buy


Most people wouldn't buy a used car without a test drive. CDI can give you the same peace of mind when it comes to recertified computers.


Under the company's "Try Before You Buy" program, district officials can select a computer model that suits their needs and CDI will ship out a single demo unit for free. School technicians can make sure the unit meets their quality expectations and has the horsepower to run necessary applications.

After those tests are met, CDI can use the hard drive from the demo unit to image every computer the district purchases from that point on. If for any reason the demo unit isn't satisfactory, CDI will pick it up at the company's cost. The district is welcome to try another unit or model until it is completely satis ed with the results.

Demo units are identical to the rest of CDI's certi ed inventory. In fact, the orders are processed as a normal shipment — the warehouse isn't aware which units are earmarked for demo or routine use. That way, customers can be sure they're getting an honest picture of a unit's capabilities.

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