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From the Editor

Team DA

Shared reader expertise strengthens the DA community.

The professional community of District Administration, the most read leadership magazine for senior-level administrators in every K12 school system in the United States, has enormous expertise. While we work hard to bring you upto-date and usable content each month to help you do your job better, added power comes from the extended DA community. So whether you are a superintendent, business officer, technology manager, curriculum director, library/media specialist or funding administrator, District Administration is the place to share information with colleagues everywhere.

We therefore list staff e-mail addresses, so readers can send ideas to the right editor. These include Judy Hartnett, who assigns and edits district and administrator profi les and the problem/solution department; Angela Pascopella, who assigns and edits feature articles; Ken Royal, who directs the new products section and writes curriculum updates; and Zach Miners, who writes the news and "Inside the Law." Other members of the team include contributing writers in specialized areas, such as Will Richardson on online technologies, Eamonn O'Donovan on topics for supervisors, and Carla McClure on educational research. It also includes DA columnists such as Dan Kinnaman, who covers leadership trends in "Understanding the Times"; Gary Stager, who tackles controversy head-on in "Speaking Out"; and guest writers who write professional opinion pieces, such as school security expert Scott Poland and Anne Bryant, executive director of the National School Boards Association.

Editorial Advisory Panel

We also solicit ideas and opinions from the DA Editorial Advisory Panel, a national roundtable of readers who guide our editorial focus and provide feedback on critical issues. At various times we ask panel members to comment on prepublished articles, share reactions to published features, participate in interviews, and specify new topics for our editorial calendar.

"Our national roundtable provides feedback on issues facing district leaders."

For example, Ernie Palestis, superintendent of New Jersey's Morris Hills Regional District, recommended addressing school within a school "house" approaches to organizing large high schools, and Assistant Superintendent Debi Binkley of Upper Arlington City School Districtin Ohio asked us to discuss how data warehouses are set up and used in districts. Similarly, Nancy Toll, technology coordinator in the Hudson School District in Wisconsin, asked us to address the pros and cons of virtual schools, and Jeanie Green, technology coordinator in Richland Parish Schools in Louisiana, asked us to explore relationships between public and charter schools. Many of these topics will appear in upcoming issues. In fact, we would like to expand our advisory panel further, so if a senior-level administrator in your district should be considered, please send me the contact information.

Greet the Press

There are also numerous other ways for readers to be active in the DA community, which include contributing to the "Letters" department, adding comments to articles on our Web site, and reacting to postings on the DA blog The Pulse. And if you have a unique story for administrators you would like to write yourself, please review the writers' guidelines on our site to see how to submit ideas. Although our staff writes and assigns most of the articles in District Administration, we are always interested in new talent. Finally, since we cover the major national education conferences, including TCEA and AASA in February, NSBA in March, and NECC in June-as you can see in our Calendar of Events-please visit our booths and talk with us in person. Best wishes for a successful year!

Odvard Egil Dyrli Editor-in-Chief