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Texas district gets savings and peace of mind from investing in refurbished computers

<i>Lake Worth ISD began buying refurbished computers in 2001. Dru Godwin is the district's technology director.</i>

<b>What are your district's key technology goals?</b> Our main one is to integrate technology and learning into the everyday life of our students. Our goal was one computer for every two students and we are definitely there now. The biggest challenge to meeting that was the cost of computers. You also have the problem of adequate electricity and space in older classrooms.

<b>Why did you decide to use refurbished equipment?</b> Price. I was looking at refurbished computers and CDI was one of our vendors of record. We looked at other companies but CDI's price, its service and its warranty sold us. I'm looking at computers that by today's standards are a few years old but I'm getting them at just a phenomenal price with a three-year warranty.

<b>Did you have any initial concerns about using secondhand computers?</b> There really wasn't any concern. Computer manufacturers really haven't increased processing speed that much in recent years. We're not running computer-assisted design programs such as AutoCAD or crunching big numbers. We're running programs for kids.

<b>Why did you choose CDI?</b> One of the biggest issues I had was getting a good warranty. Knowing I can get a computer for three years without any additional cost is a huge benefit for me. Price and availability is another factor, and getting parts from CDI has just been phenomenal. We're getting great service on any part we need.

'Price and availability is another factor, and getting parts from CDI has just been phenomenal.'

<b>Any side benefits from refurbished computers?</b> We're putting less of a strain on the environment. The computers we pulled this year to replace will be offered to the community and district personnel at a very reduced cost. We're recycling and putting them back to work in the community.

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