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ViewSonic installs effective, integrated multimedia solutions to create a truly smart board classroom

ViewSonic’s short throw projector helps teachers maximize students’ learning experience and lowers school district’s costs*

Interactive whiteboard, small room solution

A leading school in Washington state needed a solution which allowed them to use interactive whiteboards with a projector for a complete interactive learning solution. This school district looked to their education technology reseller who recommended ViewSonic.

An interactive whiteboard system, allows the teacher to interact directly with a computer by writing on the image, which is projected onto the whiteboard. By utilizing a wall mounted, short throw projector, with a whiteboard, teachers can stand in front of the class while giving a lesson—without having a bright light shining in their eyes. Also they are not blocking any of the images projected behind them so there is no disruption of learning. The ViewSonic PJd6381 short throw projector worked seamlessly with this interactive whiteboard system and easily wall mounted above the board using the WmK-027 short throw mounting arm. It was the perfect choice for this school district.

Increased student engagement

A study on the use of interactive whiteboard solutions noted it keeps students more engaged in learning. A recent study noted “?school and technology leaders need to be aware of the potential these whiteboards have for increasing student achievement through increased student engagement.” When asked “Did the visuals projected on the board help you to better learn the information?” Many students responded affirmatively. One said “To some people, when you speak to them, it goes in one ear and out the other. The visual helps it to stick.” When asked about the interactive whiteboard experience another student noted “I concentrate a lot harder when we use the whiteboard. It teaches us a lot, but it’s lots of fun.“

Wise Choice

The Washington school district chose ViewSonic because of the total projection solution including network capability and software with benefits including:

? The ability for a network administrator to control the projectors from a central location

? Scheduling on/off functions ensure projectors are not left on overnight, saving energy

? Scheduling which input the projector should display at a given time. easily tuning all classroom projectors to a central channel for a virtual assembly or educational programming

? Issuing school safety announcements, with a special software feature, allows for fast broadcast of emergency information and instructions remotely

? Ease of maintenance with automatic notification to administrator if a lamp needs to be changed

*Lower cost of ownership

Additionally by choosing the ViewSonic solution, this Washington school district received the benefits of DLP? technology - no image/color degradation over time yields a much longer product life. The PJd6381 also has no filter to clean or change, and has an easily accessible top bulb access. The top load design facilitates changing the lamp without taking the projector down which saves maintenance labor costs as compared with projectors that use filters.

Short throw advantages

Even when not using an interactive whiteboard, short throw projectors offer other advantages in any learning environment. The PJd6381 short throw projector can be positioned very close to the screen, as close as three feet, allowing for more installation options.

Finally, with a three year limited warranty, this school district knew that with ViewSonic their projectors would be bringing interactive learning solutions to students for years to come.

It all adds up to a lower total cost of ownership for the district and a better learning experience for students that makes them excited about learning. Who could ask for more.

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