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Did you know that music can help you create a powerful link between your school and community, while improving your students’ overall performance?

It’s true. Music education actually improves students’ academic performance in other subjects while teaching vital lessons about discipline, teamwork, and self-respect. In fact, countless studies have confirmed the connection between music training and enhanced academic performance. In the year 2000, the College Entrance Examination Board reported that music students scored 93 percent higher than average on their SATs. Studies have also recorded 26 percent more measurable brain activity in musicians.

To help students develop the broad set of literacy skills they need to perform effectively in an increasingly global and complex world, today’s educators must choose instructional techniques that interconnect subject areas.

Setting the standards for music education

Music education plays a critical role in child development — academically, socially, and spiritually. At its most fundamental level, music is vital to humanity, so it is important for us to find the most dynamic, effective educational tools to share the gift of music with our children.

We believe in the inspiring power of music. That’s why Warner Bros. Publications developed Expressions Music Curriculum?, a program that takes music to a whole new level. We collaborated with musicians, composers, educators, and other industry experts to create this curriculum. It was designed for master teachers, beginning teachers, and everyone in between. With diverse multi-cultural content and authentic recordings, this curriculum helps today’s teachers make music a vital part of every child’s life.

Expressions Music Curriculum is the first literacy-driven, interconnected K-12 curriculum that is built from the Nationals Standards of Arts Education (Music). This program begins with Music Expressions?, the general classroom component that builds a solid foundation for continued learning. It continues with a middle school component and methods such as Band Expressions? and Orchestra Expressions?.

Music has the power to transform young minds, and we must work together to ensure that music instruction becomes an important part of every child’s education. When we accomplish this goal, we will have taken a giant step toward helping our children achieve success in the complex world of the 21st century.

Fred S. Anton, CEO, Warner Bros. Publications

For more information about Expressions Music Curriculum, please call 800-327-7643, ext. 1778.