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Sponsor: Spectrum K12 School Solutions

Dear District Administrator,

Welcome to the September issue of Achievement Today. In this issue, we are focusing on the incredible opportunity we share to improve achievement for all children.

Since the inception of Response to Intervention (RTI), innovative educators and Spectrum K12 believed there was an opportunity to reinvent the classroom so every child, not just at-risk children, could reach his or her potential. RTI has the potential to bring teachers, Administrators, students and parents together to provide all learners with the opportunity to achieve success. The process of transforming a district’s culture to capture and fully utilize data to deliver personalized instruction for each child is proving to be well worth the investment of our time and effort. As administrators, you are empowered to lead the charge and ensure your team of educators delivers targeted instructional strategies for every student. With a multi-tiered strategic intervention approach, the potential for student achievement is unprecedented.

At Spectrum K12, we have spent 12 years helping districts more effectively manage the process, data and compliance surrounding special education and at-risk student programs. Based on thousands of hours of discussions with educators across the country and our extensive experience, we developed our comprehensive student achievement management system ?EXCEED?. EXCEED exists because we believe in the power of RTI and are committed to providing the most effective student achievement management systems to Move Every Child Forward?.

I hope the articles in this special publication will continue to educate you about the benefits of RTI and the importance of its implementation.

Best regards,

Jim Marshall, President & CEO, Spectrum K12 School Solutions, Inc.