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Practical Insights on RTI

Dear District Administrator,

For all but a small handful of districts, the question is not will they implement Response to Intervention — it’s when and how. Accordingly, this issue of Achievement Today focuses on turning theory into practice by offering practical insights from districts that are in various stages of implementing RTI.

Imagine delivering targeted instruction to every child and, through continuous progress monitoring, identifying what works most effectively for each child, classroom, grade, group and district across any time period. Imagine a collaborative team using that data to drive continuous improvement on a student-by-student basis over their entire academic career. Imagine identifying optimal intervention strategies, curriculum changes and professional development requirements to lift achievement across all students.

The biggest challenge to meeting these goals was best described by a superintendent at one of Spectrum K12’s partner-districts: “Response to Intervention manually approached is too onerous to implement.”

To overcome that challenge, Spectrum K12 worked closely with innovative districts to develop our EXCEED? solution, an integrated achievement management platform allowing teachers to drive day-to-day activities, research-based interventions and outcomes to help all students achieve success. EXCEED monitors academic and behavioral progress, displays effi cacy and fi delity, and uncovers achievement gaps at the student, class, grade, group or district level.

EXCEED exists because we believe in the power of RTI and are committed to providing the most effective student achievement management systems to Move Every Child Forward?.

I hope the articles in this special publication will provide you with practical advice and insights on RTI implementation.

Best regards,

Jim Marshall, President & CEO, Spectrum K12 School Solutions, Inc.