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Welcome to Disney’s Planet Challenge

A message from Christiane Maertens, Program Manager of Disney's Planet Challenge, Corporate Citizenship, The Walt Disney Company

It is with great excitement that I announce Disney's Planet Challenge (DPC) is back for its third year, and with it we are bringing all kinds of additions and surprises! We're offering new and exclusive trips that put the grand in Grand Prize and joining forces with our partner program, Disney's Friends for Change, to bring even more opportunities to your students' fingertips.

DPC encourages elementary and middle school students across the nation to plan and implement ventures to benefit the environment and their local communities. Kids become good citizens while using their imagination and creativity, and in the process, they make the world a better place.

We are thrilled and proud to share compelling research that shows something we suspected all along! Classrooms and students who have participated in previous Planet Challenge competitions perform better in school, express themselves more confidently and are keenly aware of their personal responsibility to society and the power they have to change it.

Our unique, free program helps kids learn science the fun way—by getting dirt under their fingernails and sweat on their brows—while reminding them they have the brain power and muscle power to get the job done. Check out pages 4 and 5 to see two inspiring examples.

But the kids need you—their teachers and administrators—to encourage and support them. You can do so confidently, knowing lessons can be tailored to state standards and can include all subjects, including oral language, history and even performing arts. More importantly, you will get a front-row seat in a scene that showcases the amazing power of can-do spirit as your kids take a spark of an idea and make it burn brightly for their school, their community and their planet.

So go ahead, help your students imagine the planet they want for their future—and let Disney help make it happen.