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From the Editor

Welcome to Our Party


Imagine going to a cocktail party stocked with superintendents and other district-level leaders. Guests would share some of their success stories, reveal some of their biggest headaches, and offer their opinion on the federal law everyone is working under.

In a nutshell, welcome to our June issue. Minus the martinis and pigs-in-a-blanket, we've created a sort of virtual cocktail party for superintendents and leaders. We asked a great number of you three basic questions, gathered the answers and put many of the responses under the heading, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. (Many thanks to Editor Laura Dianis for doing most of the work compiling answers, and to Art Director Carrie Abel for making the results look so appealing.)

Find out your peers' biggest successes, their worst budget battles and their opinion on NCLB.

We hope that every issue of District Administration serves up a good mix of advice and information, and introduces you to school leaders across the country. But never before have we distilled what we do into such a small space. In just four pages, we've captured the answers of 32 of your peers on the following questions: What is the most successful academic program in your district? What's the biggest financial strain in your district? And, what's the worst part of No Child Left Behind for your district?

The resulting answers give a snapshot of what district leaders face every day. Beside the refreshments, the part of the cocktail party that is missing in these pages is the ability to add your own opinion, to disagree with what people have said, or to join another conversation. Luckily, our Web site will help in this area.

On, we'll expand the idea of our feature by posting each of the 80 responses we received to these questions. But we'll also give you the option of adding your own answers, or arguing with what's already been said.

This is self-participation at its most democratic. The more who respond, the more valuable the exercise will be. So please, let us know what you think and share your wisdom with others. Hopefully you'll pick up some good advice along the way. Just bring your own snacks.

Wayne D'Orio, Editorial Director