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Publisher's Letter

Welcoming Back a Longtime Friend

It gives me great pleasure to “borrow” this space to welcome Gil Dyrli back to District Administration, where he will lead the editorial department as executive editor.

Readers will surely remember Gil, who has served as a writer, columnist and editor at DA over many years. An education industry veteran, Gil is Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Connecticut, a trustee of Messiah College in Pennsylvania, and a former curriculum program director for several school districts.

In addition, Gil has been a frequent keynote speaker at education conferences throughout the United States, and of course he was one of the original collaborators on ABC-TV’s Emmy-award-winning Schoolhouse Rock program.

In other staff news, JD Solomon has been named editorial director for Professional Media Group, which publishes District Administration and its sister publication, University Business. If you’ve watched a DA web seminar in the past few years, you’ll know JD from his role as web seminar editor and moderator.

I’m also pleased to announce two other staff additions. Lauren Williams, who had been on our web content team, is our new products editor, and Lynn Russo Whylly, our copy editor, now also serves as DA’s newsletter editor.

Over the coming months, you’ll see some exciting changes at DA. For instance, we’ll be expanding our network of expert-contributors and guest columnists, we’ll be broadening the content of our website with more staff-written stories, and we’ll be introducing special reports and other new categories of content. Speaking of special reports, our latest, the 2012 Public School Superintendent Salary & Career Report, is summarized in a story on page 59. The report was prepared by the District Administration Leadership Institute, which is the professional development arm of DA. It is available at no charge to DALI members at


Finally, with the presidential election only a few short weeks away, we’re pleased to bring you a side-by-side comparison of the Democratic and Republican platforms on K12 education, starting on page 26. The future of public education will be heavily influenced by the outcome of this election, and we hope our presentation of the two competing platforms will shed light on the federal education policies that may emerge over the next four years.

Daniel E. Kinnaman is publisher.