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What CIOs look for today when hiring staff

The shift in CIO responsibilities has also trickled down to the rest of the tech team. No longer is it enough to be knowledgeable in computers. IT employees must have strong people skills as well. Here’s what CIOs said they look for:

  • “We want people who are collaborative and can problem solve. We don’t expect them to know everything. We look for people who aren’t stuck doing things the way they’ve always done it. They have to be adaptable, work well with people, be customer-service oriented, and be problem solvers. It’s less about the credentials on someone’s resume and more about the questions they ask in the interview. They must be passionate about what they do and care about others.” - Ben Grey, chief innovation officer, Community Consolidated School District 59, Arlington Heights, Ill.
  • “When they come in for the interview, I want to know, ‘What is your philosophy on teamwork and customer service, and your experience with that?, and getting that feeling of how each candidate fits in with that vision of being a service provider to the district.” - Melissa Tebbenkamp, director of instructional technology, Raytown Quality Schools, Missouri
  • “I need people who can support what we have in place right now. For instance, we have iPads where we used to be a PC shop. Also, we don’t need the guy who knows the mother board and capacitors as much as we need a multitasker who has great customer service and communication skills. We handle nine out of 10 calls remotely, so those skills become more important.” - Mike Leseberg, executive director of information technology, Richland School District Number 400, Washington