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New Literacies

The authors hit on a great point in regard to motivating and engaging students ("The New Literacies," October). This has to be a goal of every educator and moving into the 21st Century with technology is a must. My three- and four-year-old children can both access the Internet and log on to PBS to play educational games. They run the mouse like they have been using it for years.

Mark Gruen, principal, Eleva-Strum Central High School and Middle School, Strum, Wis.

Telling Jewell-Sherman's Story

I was delighted to see a profile on Superintendent Deborah Jewell-Sherman in DA (Administrator Profile, November). I really liked the piece and headline, "Richmond's Jewel of a Leader." Thanks for shedding light on an urban school district superintendent, especially Dr. Jewell-Sherman, who truly has an interesting story to tell that Ron Schachter captured well in the Q&A.

Henry Duvall, director of communications, Council of the Great City Schools, Washington, D.C.

Bulletproof Backpacks

I believe Zach Miners' story on our bulletproof backpack (News Update,October) was well done with the exception of his decision to interview a person in a for profit consulting company that profi ts from school systems. Kenneth Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services, sells his security consulting to schools and would lose employment opportunities if the school systems had other options. It would have been a more balanced story if professionals in the area of youth violence were interviewed, like child violence expert Kathryn Seifert, author of How Children Become Violent, who says every parent should buy a "My Child's Pack" to protect their children.

Joe Curran, founder, MJ Safety Solutions, Danvers, Mass.

National Exposure

Your magazine profi led me (Administrator Profi le, August) and I just wanted to write a small note of appreciation. It is not often that people in small towns get national exposure and I want to commend you for doing the article. I take it as representing the "small folks" that try to do a good job for children on an everyday basis. I was very happy that you gave our community credit for their support in the progressive technology movement. It was a pleasure dealing with DA.

Raymond Fashano, superintendent, Jamestown (N.Y.) Public Schools

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