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What's New with Mobile Apps?

New software and applications for mobile learning devices are popping up every day. Here are five that can be used in the classroom.

Blackboard Mobile

Teachers, students and parents can get instant access to courses, content and announcements via their mobile devices using Blackboard Mobile platform. Students and teachers can access documents in multiple formats, post announcements, create discussion threads and comment on blogs and journals.


With a collection of applications that students and other users can access anywhere, Desire2Learn is among the mobile learning platforms in K12. With Desire2Learn Mobile Web, for example, students can review what they read in class or identify unread topics they need to review. Content can be bookmarked for reading later on, and the application automatically connects to online bookmarks. Students can also quickly check their latest grades on assignments, quizzes and projects.


It can run on any hand-held computer or smartphone. The GoKnow education software platform has seven different applications that allow teachers to create coordinated, curriculum-based learning activities. Multi-activity assignments allow students to compose, create, report, draw, animate, view grades, upload completed projects and more. One popular application called Sketchy is an animation/drawing tool that features pen options and geometric objects.


Teachers can create topical study guides, flash cards and quizzes, which students can then access from their mobile devices, using Mobl21, a mobile learning application. The Mobl21 iPhone/iPod Touch application, for example, is a free application that enables the use of video and audio.

Poll Everywhere

Turn any mobile phone into an audience-response device with Poll Everywhere, a software program. Teachers can ask a question in class, and students can pull out their cell phones and send in the answer via text message. Poll Everywhere is used in many circles, including K12 schools, colleges and nonprofit organizations.