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Product Focus

Whiteboards advance to meet classroom technology needs

With today’s newer models, students can collaborate on single surface and with mobile apps
  • MimioDisplay, by ​Mimio
  • MULTI Touch LED LCD 84 4K Android, by Triumph Board
  • ActivBoard Touch, by Promethean
  • Aquos Board, by Sharp Aquos
  • SMART Board 6065 Interactive Flat Panels, by  SMART Tech, Ultra HD 4K imagery
  • TeamBoard 4 Series, by TeamBoard
  • Conojo Whiteboard App, by Viz Mojo Labs, Inc.
  • MagicIWB 3.0, by Samsung
  • Multi-touch TH-80LFB70U Interactive LED Display, by Panasonic
  • BrightLink Pro Collaborative Whiteboarding Solution, by Epson

The standard whiteboard is evolving to keep up with advancements in learning technology.

With today’s newer models, several students and teachers can work together on the same surface at the same time.

Corresponding mobile apps also allow students to collaborate on their BOYD or 1-to-1 devices. Whiteboards continue to come in a range of sizes and can work with a variety of software to better meet the needs of all kinds of classrooms.



Available in 55-, 65-, 70- and 84-inch models, this high-definition visual display eliminates the need for a separate interactive whiteboard, projector and speakers.

Several students can work together interactively on the MimioDisplay’s LCD touchscreen.

This full-featured teaching solution includes a MimioStudio classroom software license so educators can create and deliver lessons on the display. It also comes with a power cord, VGA cable, USB cable, HDMI cable, stereo audio cable, remote and two pens.

MULTI Touch LED LCD 84 4K Android

Triumph Board

The new 84-inch MULTI Touch LED LCD 4K Android brings new features to the Triumph Board. Its infrared LED technology enables six users to write and draw simultaneously. It can show interactive pictures, data, presentations and business forecasts.

MyScript Stylus software for handwriting recognition allows for keyboard-free typing into any text field, in any application. With RM Easiteach Next Generation software, teachers have access to a multimedia data bank of over 2,570 pictures, videos and audio files; 48 widgets; special effects; and more than 10,000 lessons and activities in 16 languages.

BrightLink Pro Collaborative Whiteboarding Solution


The BrightLink Pro 1430Wi and 1420Wi transform any flat surface—such as existing whiteboards—into digital whiteboards and interactive spaces with no computer or software required. The models feature a new sharing tool that allows up to 15 participants to join a whiteboarding session directly from any mobile device with a web browser—or from another BrightLink Pro—without using software or an app.

These models also deliver improved object tools—such as copy, paste, crop, and rotate—for users editing and annotating on top of image or document files. The 1430Wi supports dual-pen and gestures—up to six fingers for annotations.

ActivBoard Touch


Up to six students can work simultaneously and collaboratively with ActivBoard Touch’s multi-user functionality. With quick response to gestures like swipe, pinch and zoom, ActivBoard Touch can be used by teachers operating in Windows, Apple and Linux environments. 

Every ActivBoard Touch comes with Promethean ActivInspire Professional Edition software and access to Promethean Planet’s 80,000-plus free learning resources and online professional development modules. It’s available as a 78- or 88-inch display with the option of a standard or dry-erase surface.

Aquos Board

Sharp Aquos

Available with screens up to 80 inches, Sharp’s new Aquos Board interactive display helps teachers collaborate with students using nearly any Windows software and web application. The Aquos Board can communicate with Windows, iOS and Android devices, save a file, or print files to use as reference.

Users can easily launch and display the touch-pen software interface—a menu comprising smartly arranged icons that provide access to pen settings and functions.

MagicIWB 3.0


This software platform enables users with multiple devices to collaborate on a single screen. MagicIWB 3.0 creates a large digital whiteboard solution using individual displays, which multiple individuals can use to simultaneously collaborate on projects and share ideas. Ideal for high schools, other key features include digital post-its, compatibility with Microsoft Office documents and content sharing.

Multi-touch TH-80LFB70U Interactive LED Display


This 80-inch interactive display features high-speed, multi-touch interactive capabilities to promote participation and collaboration in the classroom. Users can draw and write directly on a document or image, and wirelessly sync with any Windows, Android or iOS device.

Built-in whiteboard software lets users activate the display and start work without connecting to a PC. Up to four people can write at a time, and notes can be made on almost anything—from videos and photos to PowerPoint and PDF documents—and then saved as an image file.

SMART Board 6065 Interactive Flat Panels

SMART Tech Ultra HD 4K imagery

The display on the SMART Board 6065 has a low-friction coated surface that delivers natural touch functionality via finger or stylus. This keeps lessons running smoothly as the display’s responsiveness is immediate.

The SMART Board detects when a student or teacher is using a finger, pen or eraser, saving the time spent manually changing modes. With SMART’s Pen ID, users can write simultaneously in different colors.

TeamBoard 4 Series


Available in three sizes and five operating modes, the new TeamBoard 4 is multiuser- and multitouch-compliant. T4 responds to up to four simultaneous users. When connected to a PC, it can capture notes and drawings that can later be distributed in a JPEG or PDF format.

When used without peripherals, it functions as a professional grade dry-erase board and a projection screen.

Conojo Whiteboard App

Viz Mojo Labs, Inc.

Users of this mobile app for iPads can create and share drawings and notes through real-time collaborative whiteboarding. Conojo’s templates include charts, graphs, fishbone diagrams and flowcharts. Files and pictures imported into the app can be written on, edited or displayed in information maps. Users can record and narrate brainstorming sessions, which can be shared via email, YouTube and other social media.