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Product Focus

Whiteboards Promote Student and Teacher Collaboration

In the 21st-century classroom, interactive whiteboards have taken the place of traditional chalkboards from the past. Whiteboards allow for interactive, digital instruction and use software that both students and educators can collaborate with. The lessons, presentations, and online content are also brought to life on whiteboards with the use of projectors, tablets, stands, and controllers. The products featured here are all used to enrich the interactive whiteboard learning experience in the modern K12 environment.


Made with a durable, magnetic, and dry-erasable surface, this whiteboard solution includes an integrated MimioTeach bar, which turns the MimioBoard surface into an interactive whiteboard. Using a projector and MimioStudio classroom software, teachers can create and deliver lessons and presentations directly from the whiteboard. The included stylus controller allows users to control the board from anywhere in the classroom.

BrightLink Projectors
This line of interactive projectors uses connectivity options to project onto any existing whiteboard,
wall, or other smooth, light-colored, or hard surface. The BrightLink models have dual pen interactivity and built-in annotation technology that allows teachers and students to interact with a projected image from a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets, Blu-ray players, VCRs, and document cameras. Projectors come with a wall mount, two interactive pens, and various image sizes.

ME65B with Touch Overlay
To create an integrated whiteboard solution, Samsung’s CY-TM65 Touch Overlay attaches to the frame of its ME65B, a 1.3-inch deep LED-backlit display made for the classroom environment. The Touch Overlay turns the display into an interactive whiteboard with dual drawing performance and allows for educators to add touch capabilities.

SMART Technologies Inc.
SMART LightRaise 60wi
interactive projector
These new touch and pen-enabled projectors allow two students to simultaneously interact and collaborate with either a pen or finger. Also designed as a lesson delivery tool, the projectors can produce screen sizes up to 100 inches (254 cm) in widescreen format, designed to fit into a classroom or other learning space.

MooreCo, Inc.
iTeach 2
This mobile electric interactive whiteboard stand gives almost any whiteboard mobility and height adjustability. The iTeach 2 can hold boards up to 4 1⁄2 feet high by 8 feet wide and 5 inches deep, between 50 and 100 lbs, and allows for 20 inches of height adjustment with a touch of a button. It comes with optional adjustable sidewing table with a laptop shelf, optional second shelf, and optional locking cabinet available for storage.

eno classic
An environmentally-certified interactive whiteboard, PolyVision’s eno classic has a ceramic steel surface that can display multimedia and be written on with dry erase markers. Up to three users can simultaneously interact with digital media on the board by using the eno click, eno and/or eno mini slates. RM Easiteach software comes with the eno classic, which includes toolbars for geography, math, science, and language arts. 

Hitachi America, Ltd.
CP-AW252WN Ultra Short Throw 3LCD Projector
This model can project a 100-inch (diagonal) image at just 15.4 inches from the front and includes a new cloning function that lets users copy the settings data from one projector and transfer it to others via USB memory. Other features include an input source naming function, power saving Eco standby mode that enables up to 5,000 hours of lamp life, and a hybrid filter that provides up to 4,000 hours between maintenance. 

Panaboard UB-T880WPCE
This new whiteboard has an 86-inch diagonal viewing surface with an embedded PC, which includes HD audio, HDMI, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, MS Windows, and built-in speakers. The embedded PC allows students to work on the whiteboard, while instructors work on their own PCs for student assessment simultaneously. The UB-T880WPCE comes preinstalled with RM EasiTeach for Education software: whiteboard software designed to help instructors create and deliver motivational and engaging lessons. 

ActivBoard 100 Mount System
This 78-inch interactive whiteboard display integrates with ActivInspire Personal Edition software, which is included in the purchase, and can include upgrades such as stereo sound, wireless connectivity, and dual-user functionality. The ActivBoard 100 is available as a Mount System package with a choice of Short Throw or Extreme Short Throw Projector. 

Mobile Interactive Whiteboard (EDUIWB-AL)
With a universal mounting bracket designed for ultra-short throw projectors weighing 20 pounds or less, the upgraded Mobile Interactive Whiteboard includes a UL-listed six-outlet power strip with 20-foot power cord and built-in cord winder. Each whiteboard has a 10-foot VGA monitor cable and a USB-A to mini USB-B cable to connect the laptop to the projector. It also has an 8-inch Velcro strap with cord management integrated into the frame to keep cables clean and prevent snagging.