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The Tolland Public School District includes 3,142 students and 217 teachers and serves a town with a population of 14,500 located 20 miles northeast of Hartford. The site has been designed and is continually updated by high school students as an ongoing computer project. It was submitted by a supervising teacher.


The design of the various schools' pages are dramatically different from one another. Consistent design features from page to page would give the district Web site more coherence.

Keeping Libraries on Administrators' Radars

I am the librarian at Rochester High School at Rochester (Ill.) CUSD 3A district. Several years ago I responded to District Administration concerning an article on reading in which there was no mention of libraries and librarians. However, I was delighted to read an article that focused on libraries and librarians ("Addressing Adolescent Literacy," January 2008).


MySpace Vows to Protect Kids Better


Making a Difference with Multimedia


Expeditionary Learning


Homegrown Homeland Security

High school students in two Maryland districts have a jumpstart on a potential career in anti-terrorism and homeland security.

No Lawsuit Left Behind

On the same day President Bush marked the sixth anniversary of the federal No Child Left Behind law by visiting a Chicago elementary school and proclaiming, "I know NCLB has worked," a federal appeals court ruled in favor of a group of school districts that had filed a lawsuit against the education act in 2005.