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Managing Fixed Assets for Better Planning, Budgeting & Purchasing

September 20

K12 Business Operations & Facilities Summit

September 30-October 2

Phoenix, Ariz.


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One-day Security Seminars October 2, Framingham, Mass.

Reflecting on "Let 'Em Cheat"

State Standards Are Low and Vary Considerably, New Report Says

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the primary federal entity for collecting, analyzing and reporting education data in the United States and abroad, recently released the findings of a report, "Mapping 2005 State Proficiency Standards onto the NAEP Scales," that speak to the difficulty in comparing No Child Left Behind test score results across states.

With VoIP Technology, Districts Make the Most of Their Phones

Most school districts convert to a Voice Over Internet Protocol system or VoIP-to save costs by routing calls through a data network rather than a phone company's network. But some districts that have already made the conversion don't plan to stop there. Instead, they are looking to add advanced functionalities to make communication even easier.