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In April 2009, Paul Vallas, superintendent of the Louisiana Recovery School District, spoke with associate editor Don Parker-Burgard about Detroit Public Schools, what it takes to transform a district in decline, and the best use of federal stimulus money. Here are excerpts of what he had to say.

Anew course management system (CMS) for secondary schools — powered by Questia, the world’s largest online academic library — has become a key part of the ambitious academic and staff-training programs at St. Lucie West Centennial High School in Port St. Lucie (FL), according to Principal Caterina Trimm.


Phones Open Door for Possibility

In response to DA’s Tech Disruptions blog post of February 15, which criticizes Pennsylvania lawmakers’ proposed ban on cell phones in K12, a reader says:


NYC’s New Public Schools Give Students Choice

The New York City public school system will include 42 new schools this fall according to an announcement made by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in March that has been largely praised by the local education community.


Support Builds for National Standards

National standards, one of the most hotly debated and intractable issues in education reform, may be close to becoming reality.


Can we please have your attention? With everything competing for your students’ attention—MySpace, SportsCenter, Twilight and Gossip Girl, to name a few—how can your teachers capture the interest of students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder?


The federal stimulus package provides badly needed aid to school districts, allowing them to avoid massive staff and teacher layoffs and injecting them with a healthy dose of funds for many programs ranging from technology to renovation work.


When school administrators hear that the 10th anniversary of the Columbine High School attack will arrive on April 20, 2009, most shake their heads in disbelief. They are amazed that 10 years have passed since this watershed event, which changed the landscape of K12 school safety.


?Follett Software

Follett offers several products in its Destiny software suite, including asset, media, library and textbook managers. Destiny Asset Manager is designed to track inventory and audits, as well as the condition of everything from furniture to computers, projectors and laptops. Destiny is also available as a hosted version, which does not require on-site servers or maintenance.

GlobalViewer Enterprise

? Extron