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The National Association of State Directors of Special Education is preparing a blueprint for statewide RTI initiatives. Bill East, the organization’s executive director, spoke with Achievement Today about the concept of state-level approaches.

Response to Intervention is on almost every district’s agenda as a strategy for improving outcomes for all students. But many districts are only beginning their RTI implementations, and misperceptions persist about RTI ’s association with special education. Following are excerpts from presentations delivered at a District Administration web seminar on RTI, which was broadcast on Sept. 23, 2008 and sponsored by Spectrum K12.

The Orange County (Fla.) Public School District is located in central Florida. It serves over 178,000 students and has approximately 21,500 employees. OCPS boasts 126 “high-performing schools.”


Few educational products have reached the level of popularity of interactive whiteboards. An estimated 12 percent of American classrooms use the devices, and the numbers continue to grow. In a survey by the NSBA at the 2008 Technology + Learning conference, school administrators named the interactive whiteboard the device “most useful to support instruction and engage students” by a significant margin over other products, such as laptops, document cameras and audience-response systems.



MobileTrace, Portable Trace Detector, Facilities, $32,200

The subject of science lends itself naturally to lab experiments, field experiences and other “hands-on” activities. If well implemented, such activities can engage students and significantly increase learning. But if science education is to prepare students for life and for possible careers in science, providing hands-on activities is not enough.


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