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With public school districts under more pressure than usual in today’s recessed economy to boost revenue and reduce operational expenses, health benefits have become a prime target in union contracts.


Stephen White, solutions manager for cloud computing at HP, describes the company’s vision of cloud computing as a future with “everything as a service,” not just software programs. Here are some district management technology tools that are already heading into the cloud.

West Aurora School district 129 in Illinois has more than 12,500 students and includes 12 elementary schools, four middle schools, one high school, one child development center and one special education facility.



VirusBarrier X5 v.10.5.7

Mac Virus Protection, Software, $69.95

While some districts have been making use of surveillance cameras for years, today's camera technology is less expensive and easier to maintain and operate. These factors, combined with concerns about violence, vandalism, theft and other security issues, have led to a rise in the use of school surveillance. Early privacy concerns about the use of cameras in schools, while not having completely vanished, are beginning to recede, as the average American has begun to accept that surveillance cameras are in use in most public places, from the gas station to the grocery store to the highway.



A Place Where $500 Million Could Be Spent Wisely?

Consider the following about the Detroit Public Schools:

? The district’s deficit is estimated at over $300 million dollars. Twenty-three schools will close, and 600 teachers will be laid off.

What is Disney Planet Challenge?

Disney Planet Challenge is a project-based environmental competition for students in grades 4-6 that encourages them to make a difference in their schools, in their communities and at home.


In April 2009, Paul Vallas, superintendent of the Louisiana Recovery School District, spoke with associate editor Don Parker-Burgard about Detroit Public Schools, what it takes to transform a district in decline, and the best use of federal stimulus money. Here are excerpts of what he had to say.