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The Education Buyer's Guide To Audio-Visual Systems & Solutions 2006.

Easy reference guide to manufacturers and vendors of A/V solutions for educational institutions.

Featuring categorized listings of companies providing the latest AV-related solutions including manufacturers, consultants and sellers of:

LCD and DLP Projectors.

Large Format Displays

Digital Image Capture Systems

Multi-Media Production Systems

Command and Control Systems

2006 AV Buyers Guide

Marketing guru Guy Kawasaski teaches us not to be concerned when others begin to pervert your innovation. That is evidence that your idea has taken root. It may even produce benefits you never imagined.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I'm referring not to Dr. Manette and Sydney Carton whom Dickens wrote about in A Tale of Two Cities, but instead the state of American high schools.

Problem: Parent-teacher conferences at Westside Community Schools in Omaha, Neb., used to offer flavors of vanilla. The parents arrived on the designated night, and teachers opened their grade books to recite the student's records. It was news to parents but history all the same.

Six in 10 U.S. high schools offer at least one Advanced Placement class, and a growing number of students are signing up. College Board president Gaston Caperton speaks of the AP program as "an anchor for increasing rigor in our schools and reducing the achievement gap." Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings calls it a "critical tool" in raising student achievement.

Teachers College Press

Technology on a Shoestring: A Survival Guide for Educators and Other Professionals, $21.95

Barr Security

BARRicade Visitor Management System, Basic System, $5,995;

Additional Software Licenses, $205; Self-serving stand-alone kiosk $9,995

If he were a character in a Perry Mason episode, John Q. Porter would be the protagonist. Pacing methodically across his art-deco office, impeccably dressed in pinstripes-spats, even-his department's assistant Diane Watts would shadow behind, scribing ideas that churn from his brain about his latest dilemma.

Tests Reveal American Schools Have Long Way to Go

During seventh grade a friend and I created a publication as an alternative to the school newspaper. It was quite a challenge in the days before access to photocopiers, but entertaining our handful of readers made the effort worthwhile.

Promising New Resources For English - Language Learners

Lots of new ELL literacy products have recently emerged to address the more than five million ELL students in public schools. Here are three that have garnered positive feedback.

When Internet service in a Midwestern school district crashed because of e-mail bombs-huge numbers of duplicate messages blitzed to target addresses to overload systems maliciously-the technology coordinator wanted to alert other districts to the growing potential for such assaults. E-mail bombs, also called "denial-of-service attacks," are easy for anyone to launch, and all schools are vulnerable, he says.

The new town of Ladera Ranch sprouted from the hillsides of south Orange County in the late 1990s. It was billed at the first "wired" community in Southern California, laid out to the smallest detail, with plans for schools, parks and a public library. By the fall of 2003, a 25-acre campus housed an elementary and middle school, a public library and a joint-use community park.

Corwin Press

Balancing Leadership and Personal Growth: The School Administrator's Guide, $30.95