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The Ogden City (Utah) School District, located south of Salt Lake City, comprises 23 schools. This inner-city school district was established in 1849.



VideoStudio Pro X2

Video Editing Program, Software, $99

Student Video Cameras


As our schools face draconian budgets cuts, there are two critical ways in which Washington can help: by investing in our schools and by harnessing the insight and will of our educators.

U.S. Students Move Up in Math and Science

Critics who argue that the United States lags behind its international peers in the education rankings might find some evidence to the contrary in the recent results of a major international assessment, which shows fourth- and eighth-graders making strong gains in math and modest improvements in science.


School Security Plans Skirt Law

All of Georgia's 184 public school districts may have a security plan, but not all districts can say their plan has the approval of the state, according to a recent Associated Press review of state data.


Student Authors Publish Work through Web

Living and Learning Arcade

Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School

A Living Arcade

A video-game type of environment will draw more students to become proficient in reading and math.