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For many educators, the latest in-class technologies, such as laptops and whiteboards, would make any classroom dreamy. For others, connecting outside the classroom is the high-tech way to go. We asked a few K12 adminstrators across the nation—in small and large districts, rural and urban—to reveal their greatest classroom desires in celebration of DA’s annual Top 100 New Products issue. Here’s what they told us.

Presentation Devices were among the most commonly nominated products.

With every year, as bandwidth grows and computers become faster, more and more districts are finding online resources to be great tools for meeting a variety of needs.


Cookie Academy Project

Antwerp (Ohio) Local School District


Living and Learning Arcade

Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School

A Living Arcade

A video-game type of environment will draw more students to become proficient in reading and math.


Learning Cafe

Phoenix (Ariz.) Elementary School District #1

1. Have you developed an action plan that addresses the sharing of information and the building of consensus to guide and support RTI implementation?

2. Have you ensured that the necessary level of agreement has been reached and documented with internal and external stakeholders to proceed with RTI implementation?

3. Have you identified the district systems and data including leadership roles, funding sources and decision-making processes that are in place to support RTI and ensure accountability?