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Fitnessgram/Activitygram 8.0, Physical and Fitness Assessments Software, $299-$1,500 depending upon school needs



Keeping Libraries on Administrators' Radars

I am the librarian at Rochester High School at Rochester (Ill.) CUSD 3A district. Several years ago I responded to District Administration concerning an article on reading in which there was no mention of libraries and librarians. However, I was delighted to read an article that focused on libraries and librarians ("Addressing Adolescent Literacy," January 2008).


MySpace Vows to Protect Kids Better


Making a Difference with Multimedia


Expeditionary Learning


Homegrown Homeland Security

High school students in two Maryland districts have a jumpstart on a potential career in anti-terrorism and homeland security.

No Lawsuit Left Behind

On the same day President Bush marked the sixth anniversary of the federal No Child Left Behind law by visiting a Chicago elementary school and proclaiming, "I know NCLB has worked," a federal appeals court ruled in favor of a group of school districts that had filed a lawsuit against the education act in 2005.