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Books for Kids of all Ages:

George's Secret Key to the Universe

By Stephen Hawking and Lucy Hawking (Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, 2007) Curious George's author, H.A. Rey, was an amateur astronomer and friend of Albert Einstein. Now Stephen (this generation's Einstein) and Lucy Hawking have accepted this generation's challenge of explaining the universe to kids. If you haven't been able to fi nish A Brief History of Time, this book, written for children ages 9-12, might help.

The word dyslexia is rooted in the Greek language and means "difficulty with words." Although dyslexia is known as a problem related to reading, it can also interfere with a student's ability to write, spell and pronounce words correctly. It does not signal a lack of intelligence, talent or effort (famous dyslexics include Thomas Edison, Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Winkler). However, it is defined as a specific learning disability by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

WHEN MOON AREA HIGH SCHOOL IN Moon Township, Penn., was selected as a Pennsylvania “Classrooms for the Future” school last year, administrators knew they were faced with both opportunity and challenge.

NEARLY EVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT ACROSS the country faces budget constraints. Administrators are constantly searching for new ways to save money and make the best use of limited resources while enhancing student learning.

WHEN STUDENTS AT ROCKLAND DISTIRICT High School in Ontario, Canada, get stuck looking for the right word during a writing assignment, they get help from their computer, which suggests the word they need based on the context of the sentence.