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Spectrum K12 provides IEP Goals and Objectives Professional Development training for large Houston district.


X-Factor Winners

Larry Carr and I appreciate District Administration for choosing our district, Mohawk Area School District in Pennsylvania, to win the $30,000 X-Factor Student Achievement Award, sponsored by AutoSkill International Inc., last summer. You cannot believe how much the students love using the room and enjoy coming to physical education/wellness.

Lou Ann Miller, physical education and wellness instructor, Mohawk Area School District, Bessemer, Pa.

Disappointed with Program


Salvaging an "Unsalvageable" Law


Fitness Bill Pushes Students to Shape Up

A bill recently signed by Florida Gov. Charlie Crist aims to beef up the physical education requirements for elementary and middle schools.


The Benefits of Transitionary Learning


Considering purchasing a phone notification system for your district? This guide to the most popular technologies on the market may make your decision easier.


The Gates Chili (N.Y.) School District is located in a western suburb of Rochester and serves some 5,000 students in the towns of Gates and Chili. The professional staff numbers 494, and there are 396 support staff members.




XD211U, Projector, Hardware, $1,595