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New York City Schools Receives Prestigious Broad Prize

Some might consider making marked reforms to a school district of 1,450 schools and over a million students an unachievable task, but the Broad Foundation believes New York City is doing just that.

Operation: Monster Storms

The JASON Project has a new weather unit for fi fth- through eighthgraders who want to improve the science of forecasting violent storms to help ommunities avoid their destructive potential.

New Law Limits Out-Of-School Suspensions

In an effort to keep more of the most troubled students in school, the Connecticut General Assembly recently approved a law that would limit the ability of administrators to suspend students from school for infractions.

Just a decade ago, saving the environment and global warming were issues that few Americans worried about.

There was a time when guidance counselors helped students choose and apply to four or five colleges, after which they could count on at least two acceptances, ideally from a first-choice school and a backup. Now counselors encourage students to apply to more schools to increase their odds of getting into their top choice and more than 30 percent of students apply to seven or more colleges. Thus, developing a strategy for admissions these days seems more like hedging bets at a roulette table than simply picking a top choice and a backup.