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In the world of corporate philanthropy, there are those who give to educational causes. And then there is Eli Broad.


Let's say a billionaire wants to make a multimillion dollar gift to your school or district. Do you:

a) See the long-awaited realization of your greatest educational dreams?

The Aurora City School District is located 30 miles outside of Cleveland and enrolls 3,000 students in five schools.


Overall, the design of the home page provides easy access to a lot of information, without having too much content to overwhelm the user. The layout is sleek and intuitive, with content well placed in clearly defined sections, such as the navigation menus bordering the top and sides of the center column of news items.



Fitnessgram/Activitygram 8.0, Physical and Fitness Assessments Software, $299-$1,500 depending upon school needs



Keeping Libraries on Administrators' Radars

I am the librarian at Rochester High School at Rochester (Ill.) CUSD 3A district. Several years ago I responded to District Administration concerning an article on reading in which there was no mention of libraries and librarians. However, I was delighted to read an article that focused on libraries and librarians ("Addressing Adolescent Literacy," January 2008).