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AG-HMC70, Panasonic Professional Camcorders, Hardware, $2,495



Supporting Site Review

I'm speechless! The review of our Web site ("How Well Does This Web Site Work?" March 2008) is such a wonderful article. There are many people who are going to be excited about this, and the suggestions are great. I will pass on the link so all can see. Thanks to contributing writer Kurt Dyrli for his time and efforts.


Feeling the Pinch, Libraries Defend Duties


From Smart Construction to Smart Learning


Creating Technology Literate Educators

2009 Ed Budget Stirs School Reform Pot

President Bush's proposed FY 2009 education budget-described by Department of Education officials as providing "historic support" for the federal No Child Left Behind law-boasts increased monies for Title I, Pell and IDEA Grants as well as Reading First, but it also proposes cuts or eliminations of programs in vocational and technical education and the arts.