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In the tech-savvy world of universal Internet access and lightning-fast laptops, the hidden trend in technology may be the rapid developments in multimedia presentation systems.

Mary Cullinane, who manages the K-12 computing segment at Microsoft, has a somewhat absurd analogy regarding the use of computer labs in K-12 education.

Is there a way that separate can be even better than equal? A handful of schools nationwide are trying to prove the point that single gender education can do a better job educating both girls and boys

A 3-year-old sat on the lap of his mother, who was visiting Richard Murphy Elementary School in Boston. Principal Mary Russo couldn't help watching the child, fascinated with how the boy kept peering to the ceiling.

I'm a French teacher being forced to teach Spanish! The only good thing about teaching Spanish is Ricky Martin!" says Danielle Edwards, who has been with Edwards-Knox Central School District in upstate New York for 16 years. She's only half kidding.

Veteran teachers are as technology-wise in this district as new teachers, and even students. An ongoing staff development program is why

Paul Garrison may be the superintendent of Daleville Community Schools, but he still pulled lunch duty last year.

He says he didn't mind. When you work in a district with only two schools and about 670 students, you must tolerate an ever-changing job description.

"I compare it to operating a small business. You do everything that has to be done," Garrison says.

After taking the brunt of fiscal woes since October and promising to end the school year in the black, Seattle Schools Superintendent Joseph Olchefske is resigning to avoid further division in the district.

The Case for Student Reps

At 18, Ashley Nathanson is the youngest Anne Arundel (Md.) County Public Schools board member-and one of a growing number of student representatives nationwide. To her surprise, she felt respected from the start of her term in July 2002.

MESSAGE: Live Free or Go Broke

Will people from the "Live Free or Die" state tell the federal government to keep its NCLB regulations?

Sunburst Technology and Quickmind, Internet, Classroom License $1,199, Lab or Library license $3,999, Site license $7,499 (all prices are per year for 1-year subscription; discounts for 2-3 year subscriptions

Wireless technologies have quickly moved from pilot programs to the mainstream in K-12 education. While overall education spending is likely to be flat this year, projections indicate that school districts will significantly up their spending on wireless technologies.