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Helping Your Teachers Understand Dyslexia in the Elementary Classroom

Thursday, December 8 at 2 pm ET

In this webinar, industry experts will offer insights into the best ways to support educators working with students with dyslexia. We invite you to join our interactive webinar to get actionable strategies for success.

Solving the Teacher Shortage from Within: Apprenticeship and Other On-the-job Advancement Strategies

Thursday, December 1 at 2 pm ET

Join us to learn how innovative leaders are changing their approach to pipeline development and teacher advancement with on-the-job teacher apprenticeship and degree-based initiatives that have greater potential to train, retain and diversify the teacher workforce.

Supporting Student Physical, Mental, Social, and Academic Well-Being Through After School Opportunities

Thursday, October 27 at 2 pm ET

Students need a system of support for their physical, mental, social, and academic well-being. Before and after school enrichment programs can expand opportunities for students to build skills and relationships that foster a sense of belonging, accelerate learning, and bolster their confidence.

Offsetting NAEP Scores and Getting Students on Track

Thursday, November 3 at 2 pm ET

This fall, the National Center for Education Statistics released alarming data from the NAEP long-term trend. Join our panel of education experts, practitioners, and district leaders to hear how educators are working to get ahead of the declines revealed in the data and provide students the support they need to catch up and keep moving on a positive path toward achievement.

Busting the Learning Loss Myth: Why Virtual Students at College Park Academy are Thriving

Wednesday, October, 19 at 2 pm ET

This webinar will discuss why CPA’s students continue to thrive, consistently out-perform peers on state tests, achieve high graduation rates, and earn millions in scholarships and entry into some of the nation’s leading colleges and universities.

Maximizing Data Impact: How Two Districts Are Expanding Data Culture for Admin, Staff and Teachers

Wednesday, October 12 at 2 pm ET

District administrators are increasingly focused on maximizing the impact of the data they are measuring and collecting. Finding the measurements and categorizing data specific to their schools and programs is a key to enabling a data-driven culture that has impact. Hear from Nicole A. Fisher, Director of Assessment and Accountability at Martin County Schools (Florida), and Erica Simmons, Executive Director of Assessment and Evaluation at Round Rock ISD (Texas) share their first-hand experiences expanding the data culture for teachers.

Delivering Powerful Reading Growth: How One Florida County Boosted Reading Performance

Wednesday, September 21 at 2 pm ET

Hear how one large Florida district implemented a winning approach to boost reading outcomes. Join Michael Feeney, the Executive Director of Elementary Education at Pinellas County Schools, to get the specific steps this district followed that led to substantial increases in achievement.

Revolutionizing Adaptive Learning Best Practices to Keep Your Teachers Fully Engaged

Thursday, September 15 at 2 pm ET

Join us as Levi Belnap, Chief Strategy Officer at Merlyn Mind shares the benefits of using an AI digital assistant, and discusses how the new strategic alliance with Promethean enables access to powerful technology in the classroom. District leaders are successfully providing schools with innovative instructional technologies that help teachers implement adaptive learning into the classroom and achieve their goals.

Making 1-to-1 Initiatives More Student-Centric with Devices and Beyond

Thursday, Sept. 8 at 2 pm ET

In this webinar, Director of Technology Timothy Curran will share how his district, with the help of a business partner, modified their laptops to be more than a replacement for pen and paper before expanding opportunities to enhance the student experience beyond just devices.

How to Make Classroom Tech Sustainable & Flexible

Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 3 pm ET

Join us to learn how interactive displays, sometimes called smartboards, can be the flexible solutions classrooms require. Get tips and insights about purchasing displays, what full-service support should include, and key elements of sustainability in interactive technology.

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