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Health and wellness

Orange County Public Schools, Orlando, Florida

Challenge: A rapidly growing district with little time for professional development had a number of teachers with one to three years of experience. Some lacked content knowledge and pedagogy to teach to standards. Veteran teachers also struggled with the shift to instruction that requires students to learn more critical thinking and analysis.

Ocean City School District, Ocean City, New Jersey

Challenge: After losing two students to suicide inside of a year, the Ocean City School District wanted to develop a thoughtful and strategic approach to better address the mental health of all its students.  

Southeast Island School District, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Challenge: Several of the district’s communities are connected by only a boat or float plane, and only one has a grocery store. Fresh produce is hard to come by and expensive, so getting nutritious food to students is difficult.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives

In a rural, high-poverty district in Arkansas, providing health care services at school solved several problems.

Creighton Supper Nutrition Program

The Creighton School District, located in a low socioeconomic community where 89 percent of its students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, combats hunger through a newly developed Supper Nutrition Program.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Breakfast has jump-started a better beginning to the day in Erie. 

More than 85 percent of students in Erie’s Public Schools are classified as economically disadvantaged. The district provides free lunch and breakfast. But in 2013-14, only 16 percent to 44 percent were eating the breakfast that was being served in the school cafeteria.

Given the importance of a nutritious morning meal in regard to brain function and learning,  the district in 2014 took breakfast one step further—into the classroom.

Fitness & Wellness for ALL

In the face of budget cuts, San Francisco Bay Area’s Portola Valley School District administrators and community members prioritized health and wellness to help every student develop a lifelong commitment to fitness.

Today, all PE classes in the district of 650 K8 students use technology-based instructional practices to reach fitness goals.

Community Learning Center Initiative

More than 60 percent of Salt Lake City School District’s 25,000 students live in poverty. To ensure all of their needs are met and they are ready to learn at all ages, administrators created a community learning center to provide health and job coaching to students and their families.

The district now has two such centers, named Community Learning Centers, with plans to build a third.

Breaking a sweat at school is good for your health

The Great Recession of 2008 hit hard everywhere, including at the Independence School District in Missouri.

Teacher and administrative positions were cut, and Superintendent Dale Herl needed a creative way to stretch the budget.

Seeing an opportunity in health and wellness, he developed the Employee Health Clinic and Wellness Center. District employees who enroll in one of six healthcare plans can use them for free.

North Tonawanda City School District: Health & Wellness Fair

A few years ago, North Tonawanda City School District realized many students were obese or had unhealthy eating habits.

The district had partnered with the Health Association of Niagara County, Inc. and the SUNY at Buffalo Primary Care Research Institute to learn more about students’ health. The partnership participated in a county obesity prevention initiative funded by the New York State Department of Health,