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Social-emotional learning

Community Consolidated School District 180, Burr Ridge, Illinois

Challenge: In a district with more than 80 percent of students identified as low-income, many children entered kindergarten unprepared. Students struggled and exhibited behavior problems, and were eventually referred to special education and considered for retention.

SEL as a Whole-Child Effort

Bellevue School District wanted a comprehensive initiative to ensure they addressed the “whole child.”

Culture and Climate Initiative Wharton

Wharton Borough schools wants to ensure all students and their families—including transients from Central America—feel welcome and become active in the education community


A special social-emotional learning (SEL) program first sprouted from a tree-like “superhero.” Oxford Central School’s program sprouted from the “superhero” called Rootman, who showcased the values developed by the New Jersey district’s K8 students and staff.