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Advertise in Print — Are You Kidding?

You walk into a store and see two products side by side. They seem to be exactly the same — same features, same quality, same price. The only difference is that you saw one advertised and you’ve never heard of the other brand. Which one do you buy?

If you sell to the education market, you probably already know you should advertise, but you might still be asking:

Why should I advertise in print?

The power of print goes well beyond standard measures of ROI. Here are seven important (and maybe surprising) benefits education marketers realize by making print a part of their overall marketing plan.

  1. Your print ad drives traffic to your website.

    Seventy-five percent of our readers report that the No. 1 action they take when responding to an ad in the magazine is to visit the vendor’s website.
  2. A magazine puts your product or solution in the context of content they want to consume.

    The most effective education marketing reaches your prospect in a channel where they want to interact with you. Reaching your buyer at a time when they are receptive to your message is something magazines do exceptionally well.
  3. Your print ad has a longer shelf life than most digital communications.

    Print magazines are kept and shared frequently. Most of our readers report sharing their copy of DA with at least three other people. Since readers hang on to past issues for reference, your advertisement or marketing content will be seen again and again.
  4. Readers love print.

    In a recent study, we found that 9 out of 10 readers prefer print as a format even if they also consume content digitally. One popular reason, particularly among education buyers, is that the print format is more visually appealing.
  5. Print advertising validates your presence in the market to education buyers.

    Your brand’s demonstrated commitment to the education market is important to education buyers. When you invest in a print advertising campaign with a publication that supports their mission, you build credibility for your brand.
  6. Print magazine advertising is an important part of your overall marketing effort.

    Your education marketing campaign will encompass several channels to reach your prospects at every point in their purchasing cycle. Print plays an important role in your customer’s research, often as their first point of contact with your brand.
  7. Print complements your digital efforts and amplifies them.

    Companies that do print advertising receive more clicks on their digital efforts. In other words, familiarity breeds clicks. People buy from makers of products they already have, and they buy from vendors they’re familiar with because they’ve seen an advertisement.

Missing the chance to influence your customer at any point in their journey toward the purchase could cost you the sale. Don’t be absent at a key moment!

If you would like to see how we can help you meet and exceed your expectations for selling to the education market, contact us today.