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Career-related articles and job postings in K12

Leading With Intention: 8 Areas for Reflection and Planning in Your PLC at Work covers how to enhance professional learning communities and the importance of focusing on student success and creating an equitable learning environment.

EDUCATION ALLIES—CSU-Global’s headquarters will be built by Aurora Public Schools on district-owned land outside of Denver. CSU-Global President Becky Takeda-Tinker (third from right) and Superintendent Rico Munn (second from right) call the partnership one of the first of its kind in the nation.

Colorado State University-Global Campus partnered with Aurora Public Schools to build a headquarters for the fully online university on district land. The university will leverage lease payments to make college possible for more Denver-area students.

CLEANING UP ATTENDANCE—Thanks to commercial partner programs, such as Care Counts, at-risk students can wash their clothes and are less likely to miss school.

Districts have been installing laundry facilities at schools in low-income neighborhoods, since many at-risk students from these areas often do not have regular access to clean clothes, and as a result, skip school.

PD OPPORTUNITIES—Educators improve their competency on digital citizenship, active learning and other subjects linked to ISTE’s educator standards.

Through new partnerships, the International Society for Technology in Education will increase its in-person and online training certification program for teachers.

Mark D. Benigni is superintendent of the Meriden Public Schools in Connecticut. Lois B. Lehman is the district’s coordinator of grants and special projects.

By publishing, presenting and building relationships, public schools can maximize funding, from nonpublic sources, to aid district innovation.

Nongongoma Majova-Seane, principal of Stanton College Prep School, has boosted reading scores by combining instruction for students in grades 9 and 10, and then splitting them into AP or IB classes in their junior and senior years.

Nongongoma Majova-Seane has led Stanton College Preparatory School to rank in the top 10 percent of U.S. schools.

Carol Patton is a Las Vegas-based writer specializing in human resource issues.

School districts are building positive workplaces—where employees feel valued, respected and connected—through new hiring practices and customer service training. 

Barbara Sargent is the superintendent of schools at Parsippany-Troy Hills School District

Superintendents should involve administrators, parents, teachers, counselors and student ambassadors when looking to bring a new principal on board. Here are five steps to a successful hiring process.

Keeping Students Safe Every Day, a book about preparing for and responding to school violence, natural disasters and other hazards, offers insights on creating emergency operations plans that follow government guidelines. 

To provide rigorous assignments for students, assess rigor level, revise tasks to raise that level and adjust to ensure students in all grades are working at a level that is challenging enough to prepare them for college and careers.

Blane K. McCann is the superintendent of Westside Community Schools in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nebraska school district’s initiative also expands access to gifted programs.

Low salaries, dismal job satisfaction rates, decreased education funding and a general devaluing of the profession detract future teachers and impede retention. That’s why some districts are turning to creative partnerships to boost hiring. 

A report by the nonprofit Advocates for Children of New York found that English language learners were underrepresented in New York City CTE programs. At-risk students who complete these programs have a higher chance of graduating. Here's what the report found for the 2016-17 school year.

Extra supports help embed language instruction into CTE programs, closing what some educators see as an “opportunity gap” faced by students learning English. And student participation in hands-on projects can help accelerate language acquisition.

The master schedule determines what students learn, who they learn from and who they learn with. Scheduling software is key to maximizing students’ and teachers’ learning time. 

While testing in the U.S. has become more about ranking schools and even teachers, in most of the developed world, tests make or break a student’s future, sometimes before the age of 12.

Districts are building supports for students in foster care—from raising awareness, providing PD and creating special programs to adding specialized staff and even running permanent group homes.

With 22 of the 26 school districts in Northcentral Technical College’s area of Wisconsin expressing a need for middle school and high school technology teachers, the college has partnered with Marian University to train more educators.

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Here are seven more strategies from the National Association of School Psychologists for dealing with counseling shortages.

The school psychologist shortage rages on, but districts are exploring nontraditional options to provide comprehensive care to all students.