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Hostile school boards oust 2 superintendents while FBI probes another

Two Florida leaders depart after confrontations with newly sworn in school boards while a Texas superintendent is facing an FBI investigation.

Which are growing faster: Public charters or district-run schools?

Public charter school enrollment is climbing steadily just as enrollment in all other public schools slides in the opposite direction, a new report finds.

Teachers win reimbursement of nearly $1 million in sick days used during pandemic

The American Federation of Teachers Local 481 in Newark filed a grievance in October 2021 after being forced to take sick days for not only being exposed to COVID-19 but also to stay home and care for loved ones even though the teachers themselves were not personally infected.

Parental control: 3 conditions that will help leaders help families

Parental control means families are increasingly insisting that schools adjust instruction to meet their children's needs, interests and schedules.

Education in the midterm elections: Who’s coming out on top?

"School choice won big" is a conservative think tank's take on education in the mid-term elections. But a top teacher's union has another view.

4 ways to ensure teachers are using the newest learning materials

Despite having access to the latest tools, one in five teachers said they avoided new materials that did not meet students' needs, were hard to use or that they didn't have time to implement.

Florida is No. 1 in the Parent Power Index. Where does your state rank?

Annual Parent Power Index ranks 'parental opportunities for involvement in their children’s education,' according to a school choice advocacy group. 

Briefly a hurricane, Nicole shuts down more schools in southeast states

Tropical Storm Nicole, a Category 1 hurricane when it made landfall, continues to force schools across the Southeast to close or shift to remote learning.

10 ways to spot families who may leave your district

Gaging parent satisfaction: Contacting school leaders frequently may be a sign a family may switch districts, a new analysis finds.

Hidden things seen out loud: Riveting revelations from a school walkthrough

Where to find proven strategies that will immediately engage students in your curriculum, no matter the subject or grade level.

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