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Should districts brace for a recession? A heads-up for leaders

A recession may not be on the rise, but districts should be preparing for these economic shifts that are coming all at once.

K-12 programs may receive a big boost in funding

A proposal from the Senate Appropriations Committee was released on Thursday that includes $20.1 billion for Title I grants and $15.3 billion for special education grants.

Here’s a new way for your teachers to get innovative projects funded

When a teacher in New Castle County, Delaware, had to get reading materials to her English learners during lockdown in 2020, she used a brand new funding tool to turn her car into a bookmobile.

Strategic plans are a big deal, right? Take a look at the latest from 3 districts

Here's a look at the goals your fellow superintendents are setting, their key objectives and how they plan to measure the progress of their strategic plans.

Where does your state rank on the list of best school systems?

“Quality” and “safety” are the two key measures in fresh rankings of the states with the best and worst school systems.

Where educators are rallying for change and where they are winning

Here's a political pick-me-up for K-12 leaders who've grown weary of the wave of new state laws that have narrowed curricula in various parts of the country.

Chart: Regulatory agenda for 2022-23 includes FERPA, assessment, 504 rules

The department recently released proposed Title IX regulations and anticipates publishing proposed FERPA regulations in August.

Top 5 changes teachers are urging leaders to make to solve shortages

Treating teachers more like other workforce professionals would go a long way to easing the staffing constraints now challenging district leaders, particularly in STEM subjects and special education.

How funding shortfalls are blocking schools from serving students

U.S. students are being shortchanged by K-12 funding policies that are preventing educators from providing a high-quality education to all children at all times, new research argues.

Job dissatisfaction is still surging in K-12. There’s more than COVID to blame

Job dissatisfaction among pre-K-12 teachers has risen by a staggering 34 percentage points since the start of the pandemic, jumping from 45% to 79% in a poll of more than 1,300 educators conducted in late June.

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