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Updates to public education financial survey called for

The only source of annual statistics about total revenue and expenditures for public elementary and secondary education at the state level needs changes in light of COVID, according to the U.S. Education Department's National Center for Education Statistics.

5 strategies for expanding early education talent pool

Pre-kindergarten will likely get more attention in 2021 at President-elect Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress say early childhood education will be a top funding priority. 

Title IX rules, school choice mark DeVos’ ED legacy

Betsy DeVos, who resigned as education secretary Friday, supported limited federal involvement in education, promoted choice and offered flexibility during COVID.

Aurora Institute shares 7 steps for engaging remote students

Building agency and communicating frequently with virtual learners can lead to more positive outcomes for both teachers and those they instruct.

How one state is using $100M in funds to boost literacy

Tennessee's new Reading 360 program hopes to get students on a path to success by third grade.

3 ways to accelerate digital documents in K-12

Many districts still have a paper-based workflow that costs time, money, and effort. Here's how to overcome the obstacles to going digital.

How an outdoor classroom blends ed-tech with nature

Long before COVID, Thousand Oaks High School in California began designing an outdoor classroom equipped with all the instructional technology of an indoor learning space.

Nevada has achieved internet, devices for all students

Through a huge public-private coalition, the state has managed to completely close gaps in five months.

How COVID’s ‘hybrid gap’ hinders less wealthy schools

The most affluent school districts are far more likely to offer hybrid instruction, which experts say is currently the safest mode of in-person learning, according to a FutureEd analysis.

How equity audits are unfolding in 2 school districts

A key goal of Vancouver Public Schools' equity audit is to ensure that student achievement can no longer be predicted by family background or zip code.

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