We’re quitting: Neglect, politics and COVID are to blame

Teachers are disappointed in the current state of education, according to data from state-issued surveys addressing retention issues.

Principals to watch: How to strengthen relationships to strengthen school climate

Principal Thomas W. Glanton Jr. can't sleep the night before school starts because he's still excited about every aspect of K-12 education.

K-12 customer service: Families want dialogue, not broadcasts

A majority of parents surveyed about their school's customer service said that "helpfulness, timeliness, and courteousness" could improve.

3 superintendents to watch: Their schools are launching lifelong learners

How District Administration's latest group of "superintendents to watch" equips students with future-ready mindsets and problem-solving skills.

Strategic plans are a big deal, right? Take a look at the latest from 3 districts

Here's a look at the goals your fellow superintendents are setting, their key objectives and how they plan to measure the progress of their strategic plans.

DOE: K-12 students will have better access to mental health services

In an effort to tackle this mental health crisis, the Biden-Harris administration announced two primary actions to address youth mental health on Friday.

Clear backpack policies are mere “security theater,” says safety expert

Implementing a clear backpack policy is better described as "security theater" than a meaningful, effective school safety strategy, according to one school safety expert.

Student behavior is the leading cause for teachers leaving

Among a variety of factors that have contributed to the national teacher shortage crisis, student behavior is the number one reason most teachers are opting out of the profession, according to a survey released by Chalkboard Review this week.

Are superintendents still happy at work as the pressures keep piling up?

Nearly all of the leaders surveyed–across districts of all sizes, income levels and demographics–said schools are expected to do more than they did just 10 years ago.

New guidance from DOE addresses disciplinary practices for students with disabilities

At a time when mental health challenges have become a top priority for K-12 schools across the country, the Education Department released new guidance on discriminatory discipline practices for students with disabilities.

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