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Former high school dean who recruited for gang pleads guilty to conspiracy

Shaun Harrison, who was a member of the Latin Kings when Boston Public Schools hired him as an academic dean, was previously convicted of shooting a teenager whom he recruited to sell drugs, prosecutors say.

Get ready for substitutes in special education classrooms

Using case law and hypothetical scenarios, new guide illustrates a school district's legal obligations and consequences for failing to fulfill them.

Where educators are rallying for change and where they are winning

Here's a political pick-me-up for K-12 leaders who've grown weary of the wave of new state laws that have narrowed curricula in various parts of the country.

A snapshot of 7 states where voters support limiting what schools can teach

A recent survey of swing state voters shows growing support for prohibiting teaching about LGBTQ issues to younger students and barring critical race theory

Chart: Regulatory agenda for 2022-23 includes FERPA, assessment, 504 rules

The department recently released proposed Title IX regulations and anticipates publishing proposed FERPA regulations in August.

How funding shortfalls are blocking schools from serving students

U.S. students are being shortchanged by K-12 funding policies that are preventing educators from providing a high-quality education to all children at all times, new research argues.

How one more state is moving to push student teachers through the pipeline

Individuals without a bachelor's degree can now train to become a teacher in Arizona while finishing their degree. But experts warn that filling vacancies has to be strategic.

Biden administration moves on several fronts to protect LGBTQ students

The Biden Administration and federal education officials say they must shield LGBTQI+ students from "unrelenting political attacks" such as Florida's "Don't Day Gay" law.

Gun violence proposal would fund K-12 safety and mental health

Measure would support the early identification of students suffering from mental health issues and violence prevention training for staff.

Feds lay out 5-point plan to help districts find more teachers

The stats contributing to teacher shortages are glaring: the average teacher salary is so low in 38 states that even some mid-career educators qualify for government benefits based on income.

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