3 ways districts can successfully address bus driver shortages and rising fuel prices

Faced with shockingly high gas prices and bus driver shortages, school districts across the U.S. are making efforts to maintain steady and efficient bus operations.

$500 million worth of help coming for cleaner schools and buses

Building Better School Infrastructure grants will support energy- and cost-saving redesigns and help districts transition to electric school buses.

7 new ways to stem a rash of new school attendance problems

Transportation challenges, student health, school climate, mobility and poverty—long the leading causes of chronic absenteeism—also became much more severe during the pandemic.

One way to ease the substitute teacher shortage with staff you already have

The lightbulb went on when the wife of a Fayette County Public Schools bus driver was overheard saying her husband had long aspired to become a substitute teacher.

All K-12 schools plan to spend emergency relief funds on this item in 2022

But there are significant differences among rural, urban and suburban districts on use of ESSER funds.

How artificial intelligence is poised to change the future of education

AI's prevalence is all around, but it is up to educators to embrace it and use intuitive technologies to fuel all students.

Five to drive: How one big state is recruiting more school bus drivers

New York state is now reaching out to 550,000 commercial driver's license holders in efforts to recruit them as school bus drivers while DMV speeds up the testing process.

How districts are coping as COVID worsens school bus driver shortage

Administrators have been forced to delay school and recruit parents to transport students as a shortage bus drivers spreads along with the latest COVID surge.

Know the signs: Sandy Hook leaders issue warnings as K-12 schools reopen

Mental health, violence are top concerns as students return.

Duke report: Masks may be key to reopening K-12s safely in fall

Masking was effective in North Carolina in preventing COVID-19 spread both in classes and on buses.

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