As ChatGPT grows, Google hops aboard the generative AI train

On Monday, the company debuted Bard, a service that will allow users to use artificial intelligence to produce answers in response to users' commands.

International security and student safety: Why schools are banning TikTok

From "devious licks" to vandalizing school property, more districts are becoming aware of the dangerous TikTok trends that students can't get enough of. Then there's the fact that it can cause massive cybersecurity issues.

5 ways ChatGPT will drive deeper learning instead of more cheating

School AI technology should allow educators to reach new heights with project-based learning, personalized instruction, and other innovative K12 concepts.

Good news! Teacher job satisfaction may not be as low as you think

Only one in five teachers disagreed with the statement “I am happy in my current position," according to a SchoolCEO survey of about 1,000 educators in 300 districts.

ESSER III funds: Here’s how districts are spending them

Learning loss and staff recruitment and retention continue to be the two most expensive categories according to Burbio, which collected data from 6,000 school districts on how they plan to allocate their ESSER III funds.

6 digital skills your students must master before graduating high school

Ensuring students have equitable opportunities to learn digital literacy skills is more important than ever as a record 92% of jobs require "definitely digital" or "likely digital" skills.

Suicide screening: Research shows it is preventing student self-harm

Suicide screening and other K12 interventions have faced opposition from those who argue such approaches risk inciting self-harm among students. But new research has found just the opposite.

Healthier school meals rules are looming. Here is what they look like

Reducing salt and sugar content across school menus is the leading goal of new nutrition standards that may soon be served up in cafeterias.

Superintendent salary: How 3 states aim to cap the pay of top K12 educators

The most drastic proposal, from Texas, would prevent public officials from earning more than the state's governor. Another bill links the salaries of superintendents to first-year teachers.

COVID stripped students of nearly 35% of a year’s worth of learning

Researchers call for an increased focus on well-designed and well-resourced policy initiatives from district leaders and legislators to combat the ongoing issue.

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