Online learning

Educators, let’s explore the 3 domains of digital learning to reaffirm our purpose

We can develop a more meaningful understanding of digital learning that addresses student wellness, competency, and creativity.

Global perspective: 5 ways online learning expands horizons

Online learning allows students to work ahead and makes good use of elective learning time, among other advantages.

The top 20 list of apps schools are using most contains a few surprises

You may not know that most school districts own more than 2,000 apps but just 300 of those products account for 99% of use.

Online schooling helps students feel confident about their futures

Should schools continue to utilize virtual learning? That's the question districts are trying to answer. However, the solution isn't so clear-cut as the reviews are incredibly mixed.

How data can solve problems to support the growth of hybrid learning

Data and predictive analytics can help district administrators tackle teacher shortages and other challenges to ensure classrooms are thriving.

Virtual learning will continue to thrive, regardless of a teacher shortage

"With virtual learning, when students open up their academic menu, how awesome is that now that they have options? I can take it face-to-face, I can take it hybrid, or I can take it virtually."

Has videoconferencing reached its full potential for remote instruction?

Videoconferencing in education is already a proven idea. However, it needs to integrate closer with learning management and classroom management systems.

4 ed-tech leaders to watch: They’re getting districts back to business

CIOs and other ed-tech leaders are not being left out of the K-12 recovery conversation, particularly when it comes to spending relief funds on learning and safety. 

Quelling the quit: A look at 2 new strategies for uplifting teachers

One way to keep teachers enthusiastic about their jobs is to provide new ways for them to improve their craft. Better yet, pay them to engage in professional development that fits into their busy lives. 

How one state’s free tech project is modernizing learning and leadership

New Hampshire districts are getting three potentially transformative teaching tools at no cost for five years, and the PD to power them.

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