How artificial intelligence helps me provide more coaching for teachers

You probably share this initial skepticism: “What? Teachers talking to computers for instructional coaching?!” Find out why one instructional coach changed her mind about using AI to better support educators.

Here is where you can discover hundreds of edtech innovations in one place

It's the conference within the conference—the vast 2023 FETC Expo Hall will host several special events and 400+ solutions providers.

Hidden things seen out loud: Riveting revelations from a school walkthrough

Where to find proven strategies that will immediately engage students in your curriculum, no matter the subject or grade level.

Here are 1 million ways teachers are having serious fun on TikTok

TikTok teachers are showing off their video production skills as they connect with students and exchange ideas with colleagues.

8 ways to organize professional development events with smaller budgets

While education systems scramble to reduce costs, the quality of professional development events for educators and administrators is on the line. It shouldn’t be.

3 ways district leaders can recover from long-term pandemic disruptions  

With tapering enrollment trends and doubled rates of chronic absenteeism nationwide, the key strategic priorities hinge on talent, communication and support.

How school leaders are getting innovative in search for substitute teachers

K-12 labor pressures have inspired one principal to turn to an unconventional source for substitute teachers: her students.

Can the increasingly popular team-teaching models reenergize the profession?

Team teaching and co-teaching are designed to build community for teachers and provide students with more individualized attention.

4 questions to help you identify “tech-able” moments

How do you thoughtfully and strategically bring digital tools to your classroom? As a professional development facilitator, it’s top of mind.

Tweets of the week show education Twitter hoping for a more normal school year

Some leaders, such as Principal Stacey Anderson of Woodland School District 50 in Illinois, are using education Twitter to give shout-outs to their new teams. 

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